Where is Anguilla?

Beaches of Anguilla“Anguilla gets in your soul and makes you want to come back”  

an excerpt taken from the Calgary Herald

1.  Where is Anguilla?

Where is AnguillaAnguilla is a small island located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. It is directly east of some of the larger islands like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and north of other Caribbean islands like St. Maarten and St. Kitts and Nevis.  With only 35 square miles of area (and 38 miles of coastline), it is truly amazing that there are 33 beaches, a population of only 15,000 and incredibly, over 100 restaurants!  Anguilla is a BOT (British Overseas Territory), and is mainly accessed via ferry or small plane from San Juan, Puerto Rico, or St. Martin/St. Maarten.

2.  How Long Does it Take to Get There?

How to get to AnguillaAnguilla has the reputation of being exclusive and hard to get to.  While we certainly agree with the exclusive part of it, it is actually quite simple to get there.  The most common way to get to Anguilla (AXA) is via St. Martin (SMX) International Aiport.  Surprisingly, there are many direct flights from major cities such as Miami, Toronto, Boston, New York and Montreal.  From many North American destinations it is a very quick flight.  Here are some travel times:

  • MIA to SXM – 2 hrs 10 min
  • JFK to SXM – 3 hrs 30 min
  • YYZ to SXM – 4 hrs 30 min
  • BOS to SMX – 3 hrs 40 min
  • YUL to SMX – 4 hrs 30 min

Once you arrive in St. Maarten (the Dutch side of the island), or St. Martin (the French side of the island), you have a few options to get you to Anguilla:

Public Ferry (St. Martin) will get you to Anguilla in 20 mins.  This ferry runs all day every 45 mins on the hour, and is $15 per person, each way.

GB Express  (St. Maarten) will get you there a bit faster, and in more comfort.  Prices are approximately $55 per person, each way.

Anguilla Air Services (St. Maarten) offers 3 flights per day, and will get you there in approximately 7 minutes!  Flights are $80 per person, each way.

Air Anguilla

3.  How Do I Get Around Once I’m There?

Anguilla is a tiny island only 16 miles long and 3 miles at it’s widest point.  Many of the popular hotels are within 20 minutes of Blowing Point Harbour.  Taxi service is super simple, and some hotels will even send a car to you for pick up.  There are several car rental options available on the island, and with 33 beaches to explore, a one or two day rental is definitely recommended.  The island is not busy, therefore it is easy to feel comfortable driving, even on the left side of the road for North Americans not used to it.


Where is the Island of AnguillaOverall, Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.  Unexpectedly easy to get to, but not yet considered main stream.  In our opinion – the best time to go!  For a list of accommodation option at the best Anguilla hotels and resorts, visit My Anguilla Vacation or call 800-970-9415.





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