Where Exactly is the Caribbean island of Anguilla?

Where Exactly is the Caribbean Island of Anguilla?
Many people around the world have heard travelers singing the praises of the beautiful island of Anguilla. While you may already know about the island’s magnificent beaches, historical landmarks like the Wallblake House and exciting attractions, you may not know where, exactly, the island is actually located. This article will explain where in the world the tropical island of Anguilla is located, how to get there from anywhere on Earth and what to enjoy once you arrive on the island.

Where in Anguilla?
The island of Anguilla is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. It is directly east of some of the larger islands like Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands. It is north of other Caribbean islands like St. Maarten and St. Kitts and Nevis. Although it is conveniently located within the Caribbean, Anguilla is private and exclusive. The whole island is a mere one hundred kilometers square in total area.

Getting to Anguilla
Now that you know where Anguilla is located, you may want to learn how to get to the beautiful island for an upcoming vacation. Anguilla does have a small international airport that offers flights to destinations like San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, many visitors actually choose to fly into the nearby island of St. Maarten instead. St. Maarten’s international airport has direct flights from the United States as well as Europe. Getting to Anguilla from St. Maarten is as easy as hopping aboard a ten minute charter flight or even a public ferry that makes the journey frequently.

Where to Stay in Anguilla
Once your flights are booked to the beautiful island of Anguilla you can begin choosing your accommodations. There are a number of Anguilla resorts that appeal to single travelers, groups, couples and even families with children. Simply choose from the hotels in Anguilla that fit within your vacation budget. Most Anguilla Resorts will come equipped with amenities like a swimming pool, spa, fitness facility and plenty of options for onsite dining. Whichever of the hotels in Anguilla you ultimately choose, you are bound to have the vacation of a lifetime.

What to Do in Anguilla
There is no shortage of fun things to do on the island. Be sure to visit popular beaches like Shoal Bay and Rendezvous Bay. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and even horseback riding are activities on enjoy on the beach. Dine in fantastic restaurants and taste the freshly caught local seafood.

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