What’s Going on over the Christmas Holidays in Anguilla

Christmas in the Caribbean might seem a bit unusual, but it won’t take long to find out that it has its own unique and special charm. With the beautiful weather, delicious food, decorations and festive atmosphere you will want to return to Anguilla again and again.

In all the different countries of the Caribbean, Christmas is a lively and joyous occasion and is celebrated with family and friends. On Christmas Eve, families are typically outside dancing, singing, celebrating and anxiously waiting for Papa Noel to bring gifts. Tourists will find themselves getting just as caught up in the celebrations.

If you are planning a Christmas vacation in Anguilla, you may be surprised to find out that December is the most popular month to visit and Anguilla hotels are very crowded during that time, but this only adds to the festive feeling. Keep an eye out for celebrities, as many are known to spend their Christmas vacation in Anguilla.

Spending the holidays in Anguilla is a unique experience. The weather is warm and many people prefer the beautiful sandy white beaches over the snowy winter weather up north. There are many restaurants that serve delicious Christmas dinners, and because of its clear, unpolluted ocean water, Anguilla has crawfish like no other. Crawfish is often prepared boiled in sea water, with a variety of vegetables and coconut to give it a special island flavor. Anguilla also has a charming Christmas village featuring a magical collection of Christmas lights and decorations. For those who would like to attend a Christmas Eve service, Anguilla has many churches of all different denominations to choose from.

With all there is to see and do and the many beautiful Anguilla hotels to choose from, there’s really no reason not to book your vacation to Anguilla now. As the Jimmy Buffet songs say, Christmas in the Caribbean has everything but snow!

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