Visit Anguilla: Your Oasis Awaits

View of Anguilla Beaches from Hotel

Let’s face it: you deserve a break. So come experience the laidback vibe of Caribbean charm that flows as naturally from the locals as the warm neon blue water washing gently ashore. Culturally vibrant, Anguilla is your idyllic retreat; an exquisite environment inspiring you to relax, explore, imagine, and celebrate.

1.  Rest & Relaxation

The magic of the tropics works its comforting effect and you find yourself perfectly relaxed, as your troubles seem to drift away across the turquoise seas. The sky becomes a masterpiece as the sun sets over Shoal Bay and you dig your feet into the powdery sugar-soft sand of one of the world’s best beaches. It’s the feeling of bliss.

2.  Enticing Exploration

Anguilla is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. The 56 square kilometre island is prime for cycling, so rent a bike and set off on a road trip with no real destination – just the journey in mind. Beneath the sea, Anguilla’s spectacular coral reefs and sunken ships is the ideal wonderland for diving or snorkelling. Or feel the trade winds upon your face as your sailboat traces the path of the old pirates.

3.  Historic Happenings

The island’s rich history is seductive, the sensation of a proud heritage present in every old building and beach. In the Golden Age of Piracy, Anguilla was a haven for buccaneers – and as legend has it, the notorious Captain Kidd’s buried treasure is hidden somewhere on the island. For a sense of time travel, visit Wallblake Sugar Plantation and Old Prison, and give your imagination an enjoyable vacation as well.

4.  Celebration Sanguine

Whether you’re down to “lime” (hang out) or “mash sand” (dance), Anguilla knows how to party. Celebrate life at Sandy Ground, the entertainment capital of Anguilla, as you taste the local Pyrat rum and listen to the serenade of live music in the shade of the palm trees. During festivals like Carnival or Festival del Mar, the ever-thriving beach bars flow out into the streets and elevate the island’s ambience to an even greater high.

5.  Community & Culture

Despite the abundance of wonders on Anguilla, it’s the people that make your vacation truly memorable. The joyful Anguillans radiate a calming effect as they open their hearts (and kitchens) to ensure that guests to their island are content and well fed with their trademark Caribbean flavour. The legendary hospitality of the locals will resonate long after you’ve returned home, rejuvenated, and already planning the next vacation to your newfound oasis.

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