Viceroy Anguilla: A Day In The Life

Imagine your perfect day in paradise. Visualize the details, really emphasize the senses. This activity helps magnetize yourself to that experience, thus attracting it into your life. The more you focus on the aspects of what you want, instead of those you don’t want, the more you set yourself up to create your ideal future! 🙂

I’m sure you already know this but it’s nice to be reminded every now and then. It’s nice to ground yourself every now and then to the present moment where you are in a state of pure appreciation. This is but one of the gifts that Anguilla offers us. The serenity of this beautiful island paradise inspires appreciation and gratitude. There’s a magical quality to the energy here on Anguilla, where you feel connected and authentic and in tune with nature and with your higher self. It really is something special that must be experienced. It’s something that resonates deeply in profound ways and sticks with you for a long time. It’s so much more than a vacation. It’s a series of perfect moments that elevate you to new found heights of personal bliss.

Here’s my vision of a perfect Anguilla day to help get your creative juices flowing:

You wake up in a bed that feels like a cloud, with the warm tropical breeze carrying the fragrant scent of flowers and sea salt. You’re staying at the Viceroy Bluff Villa, lucky you, and you’re surrounded in abundance and luxury. Breakfast is delivered to your room and you savour each bite on your patio overlooking the ocean, giving thanks for this amazing experience. Start the day energized with a workout at the fabulous Fitness Center followed by a yoga class to really center yourself and open yourself up to attract positivity and joy. The transformational workouts here acknowledge the interdependency of mind/body and whole-person wellbeing – with an emphasis on breath, beauty and balance. Choose between Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga and feel the work elevating yourself. This is the good life.

Then it’s on to Gerrard’s Bakery for a delectable snack fresh out of the oven before you head down to the beach to lounge on the soft white sand for a few hours with a good book. Basking in the bliss and harmony of this exceptional Anguilla vibe. Watching the turquoise sea undulating and flowing in and out like your breath. Constant change and impermanence. Constant love. More than just a theory, you feel it for yourself – you experience the sense of Oneness.

Drive up the coastal road with the windows down and the warm wind in your hair – and take a short boat ride across the water to Scilly Cay. This tiny coral based island is brimming with authenticity and serves up one of the best lunches in the Caribbean, with the freshest fish on a bed of green grape leaves. Marinate here for a while. You’re on Island Time. And there is no rush. When you’re ready, it’s back to your villa that feels like home away from home for a refreshing dip in the private pool. Ah, this is indeed the life. And what better way to follow that soak than with a soul-purifying massage at the Spa. Choose one of the Signature Experiences for a combo of rejuvenating therapies and treatments that will have you feeling a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Try the Iconic Facial (with the healing power of Swiss glacial spring water and a full strand of triple DNA for an anti-aging powerhouse); the Earth and Air Ritual (Amerindian inspired grounding of the chakras); or Black Lava (an exfoliating body scrub inspired by the Sicilian volcanoes). Congratulations, you’re now officially on Cloud Nine.

Stroll on over to the Sunset Lounge for a pre-dinner cocktail and sashimi appetizer around the adults-only infinity pool as the DJ spins reggae-tinged sounds and the sky and sea is transformed into a masterpiece of vibrant color. You’re here with friends, old and new, all engaging in thought-provoking and laugh-inducing banter. When the time is right, mosey over for dinner at Da’Vida, where it’s all about celebrating life. Nestled along the powdery sands of Crocus Bay, this award-winning restaurant highlights both the best of Anguilla cuisine and the island’s flowing magic, with live music you can get up and dance to. Cap off the night at Sandy Ground’s Pumphouse for some more dancing and good vibes in an excellent ambiance beloved by tourists and locals alike. Then it’s back to your villa and your cloud-like bed, a very happy and very grateful person.

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