Top Ten Things to do in Anguilla

Top Ten Things to do in Anguilla
The beautiful island nation of Anguilla is located in the Caribbean Sea and stands out as a popular tourism destination in the area. With so many different attractions, beaches and restaurants in Anguilla, it can be hard to determine your vacation itinerary. Consider using Anguilla activity packages or just creating a plan using one or all of these top ten things to do in Anguilla.

1. Swim at Rendezvous Bay: This is one of the best beaches in Anguilla. Stroll up and down the two mile stretch of white sand or swim in the clear blue waters for an amazing day.

2. Get There by Ferry: Although it is possible to take a plane to Anguilla, it is much more enjoyable to take the short ferry from nearby St. Maarten. Arriving by boat provides a whole new way to experience the island.

3. Enjoy Live Music at Elodias: This fun bar on Shoal Bay boasts live music several nights a week and is a fun evening destination for visitors.

4. Ride Horses on the Beach: You won’t be able to miss the horses trotting along the many beaches on Anguilla. Even complete beginners can ride these horses and enjoy a truly unique experience.

5. Splurge on a Meal at Michel Rostant: This incredible restaurant is located in the Malliouhana Hotel and is one of the best ranked establishments in the Caribbean. If you can only dine in one of the restaurants in Anguilla, make it this one.

6. Ride in a Glass Bottomed Boat: Those who would rather enjoy a boat ride than a day of scuba diving should take a tour in a glass bottom boat in order to see the incredible reefs and marine life of Shoal Bay.

7. Tour the Wallblake House: This eighteenth century plantation home is one of the few historical landmarks on the island and is certainly worth a visit.

8. Enjoy Recreational Activities: Consider one of the many Anguilla activity packages in order to enjoy things like scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, tennis and golf on the island.

9. Get Pampered at a Luxury Spa: Many of the hotels in Anguilla offer incredible spa treatments for guests. Otherwise you can head to the Malakh Day Spa for affordable and luxurious pampering by trained staff.

10. Scilly Cay: This tiny island off the coast can be reached by boat or you can even swim to it in just a few minutes. It offers one of the best beaches in Anguilla as well as a fun bar and club.

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  1. Others 11) repel down the rope (or take a ride with Calvin) to Little Bay 12) Hear and dance to funky music at Dune Preserve or Elvis’ Beach bar 13) Explore off the beaten path beaches like Limestone Bay and Captain’s Bay 14) Take a boat trip to Prickly pear 15) Have Pizza and watch the sunset at Ce Blue………and many more

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