Top 5 Reasons to stay at the Anguilla Great House

Choosing the island of Anguilla for your Caribbean vacation is the first step toward an amazing vacation full of possibilities for every type of getaway. The explorer will find plenty to see and do, as well as adventures off the beaten trail. Couples looking to reignite the spark of romance, or those starting out with a full wedding and Anguilla reservations for the entire wedding party, will find plenty of wide open spaces and romantic backdrops. Whether you’re looking for family-oriented fun or all-night partying, there are a wide variety of beaches, activities and venues to choose from.

The biggest problem visitors are likely to encounter is choosing among the many Anguilla hotels. Is the hotel affordable? How close is it to the attractions? Does this Anguilla hotel offer amenities that match my personality and needs? Learn more about one of the best Anguilla hotels for a Caribbean vacation, the Anguilla Great House!

1. The Anguilla Great House provides front-door access to two miles of one of the world’s finest beaches, Rendezvous Bay. Parts of the beach are developed, with a mixture of bars and restaurants, while long stretches will allow for the undisturbed romance of long, moonlit walks.

2. The hotels 35 cottage rooms are spacious and complete with luxurious, island furniture and all the basics. These open to the beach, and adjoining rooms are available. For those seeking more space, making longer Anguilla reservations or just desiring a private kitchen, the Anguilla Great House also has 1-3 bedroom Kerwin cottages.

3. Though all guests are encouraged to sight-see, and a concierge is available to keep you informed of the best restaurant deals and events, The Olde Caribe at the hotel provides casual elegance on the beach, with a fully stocked wine cellar.

4. The hotel’s concierge is your first stop for booking equipment rentals for water adventures, and online service means you can order amenities before arriving.

5. The small size of the hotel is a virtue. Through the personal attention of the experienced staff, the Anguilla Great House hopes to make this Caribbean vacation your best ever.

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