Top 5 Reasons to stay at the Anacaona Hotel

When you are looking for the perfect Caribbean vacation, consider the variety of opportunities available on the small island of Anguilla. Anguilla hotels are all located near the 35 beaches, with some being privately owned, and the beaches are as diverse in character as those visiting them. Sandy Ground is the island’s most developed beach and premier party spot. Blackgarden Bay offers the chance to explore, as it can be hard to find, and a perfect spot for secluded, romantic picnics. Shoal Bay is the perfect snorkeling beach, with a beginners spot on the north end and access to the island’s main reef. However, if you desire the elegance of powdery, white sand, privacy and luxurious comfort, consider these 5 reasons for choosing Anacaona Hotel for your Anguilla reservations.

1. Besides offering private access to Meads Bay, a full mile of pristine beach, Anguilla reservations at Anacaona Hotel hosts lush, tropical gardens separating the beach from the main hotel. Built in Mediterranean style with classic Caribbean colors, the hotel is located on the West End and provides a view of the tropical sunset.

2. There are several choices for lodging at Anacaona, including several classes of rooms at the main hotel, one and two bedroom villas, and three bedroom luxury villas. The villas can be found amongst the tropical gardens and are equipped with full kitchens and plush bathrooms.

3. If that’s not enough, the hotel provides two pools, one near the main hotel, with an open-air bar, and another within the gardens. If you prefer lounging on the beach with a daiquiri, beach service will see to your needs.

4. After a hard day of relaxing, or a late night of partying at Sandy Ground, you can seek comfort in the trained massage therapists on staff or get pampered with a manicure, pedicure and facial.

5. Though it’s always worthwhile to survey the local restaurants on a Caribbean vacation, the Fire Fly restaurant at Anacaona has meal plans and regularly scheduled cultural events. The are many Anguilla hotels to choose from, and Anacaona is certainly one of the best.

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