Top 5 Reasons to stay at Ku in Anguilla

The Caribbean offers the opportunity for some of the best beach vacations in the world, but it can be difficult finding the right Caribbean reservations for your beach holiday with so many options to choose from. Even limiting the search to the the island of Anguilla, with its over thirty beaches and numerous Anguilla hotels, can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Your best bet is to pick a few activities you love and the beaches you anticipate spending the most time at, and use those to help choose the right accommodations. Consider the attractions and amenities offered at Ku hotel.

#1 Whether you are a snorkeling beginner or ready to head out into the coral immediately, Ku is located on Shoal Bay beach. The upper end is a limestone shelf, perfect for beginners. Walking down the beach from Ku will take you to the main reef, a life-filled underwater paradise suitable for experts who know how to avoid getting cuts.

#2 Shoal Bay East also offers great diving opportunities. With front door access to the two-miles of one of the world’s most photographed beaches, you will be in the water in no time. Ku has its own dive shop for rentals and accessories. There is also a divemaster available to guide divers to shipwreck sites and the best reef locations.

#3 Looking to get out on the water for deep sea fishing excursions? Caribbean reservations at Ku give you access to a top-notch concierge service and quick access to the glass-bottom boat tours and fishing expeditions offered just next door.

#4 Ku has 27 suites with all the amenities popular at other beach-side Anguilla hotels. The restaurant and bar host regular live music, and every suite faces the ocean. there is also a gym, freshwater swimming pool and the Petit Spa staffed by trained massage therapists.

#5 Finding the best beach vacations is partly about finding a package deal that includes lots of extras and does not leave you bankrupt afterwards. Ku offers two package deals on Caribbean reservations based on the season with significant savings for summer visitors.

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