Top 10 Anguilla Things To Do

Anguilla Things To Do

The exclusive and pristine island nation of Anguilla, right on the northwest corner of the Caribbean islands, is one of the coolest places on the planet. There is an abundance of Anguilla things to do including attractions, beaches, restaurants, activities, exploration, and the ever-popular ‘doing nothing’. So how do you determine your vacation itinerary? Well, it helps that My Anguilla Vacation offers premium packages designed by our destination experts that know the island inside and out. We also recommend you doing your research to find out what things you want to do, what things call to you and your unique style and desires. That’s why we have this substantial database of articles and stories, so that you can find all the information you want right here. You can become well versed in Anguilla so that you know what you’re getting yourself into and what you can expect. Of course, as is the way with life, expect the unexpected. Anguilla has a way of pleasantly surprising.

1. Lounging at Rendezvous Bay:

There are some 33 beaches in Anguilla, all of them gorgeous with powdery white sand and all of them open to the public. Beach life is obviously a major draw to the Caribbean in general, but the nice thing about Anguilla is that you’ll probably have the beach to yourself. At least there will be plenty of space to feel like you have privacy and serentiy when you’re basking in the sun. Other islands are jam-packed with tourists offloaded from cruise ships and can be quite hectic actually. But in Anguilla it’s peaceful, especially at Rendezvous Bay. This magic spot is known by many to be the best beach in Anguilla, a perfect two mile stretch of soft sand with the clear azure waters of the Caribbean washing up on shore. Swim in the sea, pull up a sun chair, or hit up a beach bar for some live music and cocktails.

2. Getting There by Ferry:

When it comes to making your way to Anguilla in the first place, there’s a few different ways to arrive to this slightly off the beaten track destination. There are no major flights into Anguilla so you’d have to either fly in on a private jet or helicopter – or do the interactive way and take the ferry. Going by boat from neighbouring St. Maarten you’re able to feel the wind on your face and smell the sea and watch the island approaching from a speck on the horizon to your new vivid experience. It puts your trip in better context.

3. Enjoying Live Music:

Listening to live music by brilliant local artists is one of the best things to do in Anguilla. There are may talented musicians calling the island home, each with their unique take on the classics of soca, calypso, and reggae. Bankie Banx is the most legendary of the musicians and a true pioneer of reggae. He owns the Dune Preserve Bar (on the aforementioned Rendezvous Bay) and performs there weekly. Da’Vida’s Bayside Grill and Smokey’s at the Cove are a couple other great venues to listen to groovy gigs. Also check out the Pumphouse and Elodias on Shoal Bay. Nothing makes a vacation perfect like a solid soundtrack.

4. Riding Horses on the Beach:

One of the classic romantic activities that many of us have dreamed about is riding a horse along the beach as the surf washes up on the trotting hooves. As we’ve mentioned, there are many Anguilla beaches for horseback riding, no matter if you’re an seasoned cowboy or you’ve never even been on a horse. Do it at sunset or under the full moon for the ultimate experience. Giddy up.

Anguilla Things To Do Horseback

5. Splurging on a Gourmet Meal:

Anguilla is also legendary for its fine dining and there are several world-class gourmet restaurants here to choose from. Michel Rostant at Malliouhana is an incredible restaurant on Meads Bay with the largest wine cellar on the island and is one of the best ranked establishments in the Caribbean. Another excellent option is Coba at Viceroy. Basically there is so much good food here so ask around and find the best spots to splurge on dining.

6. Riding in a Glass Bottomed Boat:

The wonderful underwater world of the Caribbean Sea awaits your exploration. Of course you can snorkel or scuba dive, but for those wishing to stay dry, take a ride on Junior’s Glass Bottomed Boat! Experience the vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life with the expert guide, Junior, who will skim his boat across the clear waters while pointing out what you’re looking at down there. Spot sea turtles, sting rays, eels, and reef sharks.

7. Touring the Wallblake House:

This eighteenth century plantation house and museum is one of the few historical landmarks on the island and is definitely worth a visit to better understand Anguilla in context. Once a thriving sugar plantation, the Wallblake House is said to be the oldest structure on the island and has been restored with its kitchen complex, stables, and slave quarters intact. Experience a form of time travel here at this fascinating heritage site.

8. Enjoying Recreational Activities:

When you’ve had enough lounging on the beach reading a book in the sun, get out and active with one of the recreational activities available on Anguilla. Go scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, golfing or play tennis. Go stand-up paddleboarding or kitesurfing. Go hiking or biking. There’s plenty to do for those who wish to do it. 

9. Getting Pampered at a Luxury Spa:

One of the best things to do on vacation is to experience a blissful spa day. Go for a massage or reflexology and become rejuvenated and tapped into the present moment. Many of the hotels in Anguilla offer phenomenal spa treatments to choose from. Three of the best spas in the island nation include Venus Spa at CuisinArt, The Spa at Viceroy Anguilla, and the Spa at Cap Juluca. Another great venue outside of hotel grounds is the Malakh Day Spa where you can receive affordable and luxurious pampering by trained and intuitive staff. You’re in good hands in Anguilla.

10. Touring to Scilly Cay:

This tiny coral based island off the coast can be reached by boat or you can even swim to it in just a few minutes. It offers one of the best beaches in Anguilla as well as a fun bar and club. It’s an authentic island experience that just may be one of your favourite moments from your next Anguilla vacation in paradise.

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