The Very Best Pools in Anguilla

Best Pools in Anguilla - Viceroy

Let’s face it, pools rule. Especially when you’re on vacation in the Caribbean. Sure, there’s the white sand beaches and the azure warm waters of the Caribbean itself, but the pool is an extremely key feature to an excellent vacation. Whether your traveling posse includes a family with kids looking for some genuine water time play, or you’re wanting to keep fit and stay in shape, or you’re simply here to lounge out properly on the deck, the pool can certainly be one of the most attractive features of a resort or hotel. There’s just something about the sanctuary feel that the right kind of hotel pool facilitates, when done correctly. It can be like stepping even deeper into bliss – a luxurious oasis inside a luxurious oasis, with the palm fronds and shimmering water straight out of your dreams. And then there’s the infinity pools that stretch out to the horizon and give the illusion that you’re floating in some other dimension all of water and love and good vibes. You know what we’re talking about. And if you don’t, well have we ever got good news for you!

And then there’s that glorious hot tub. Even in the heat of the Caribbean it’s so nice to have a hot soak, especially at night under the brilliant blanket of twinkling stars. And of course the pool deck is the perfect place to lounge out in the reclining chairs with a book and some tunes to work on your tan while the kids splash about laughing in the water. Some pools can even be used for lap swimming, if staying vibrant and active is something you like to do on vacation. Some pools have poolside bars where you can glide over at your own leisurely pace and grab a icy mixed beverage of your choosing to sip in or around the pool. Ahhhh, bliss. OH, and there’s private plunge pools in some of the accommodation, in case you want to do it up in even more style. So if you’re looking for the very best pools in Anguilla, here’s what we’d say.

Viceroy Anguilla

The three pools at Viceroy are outta this world. All three of these pools are strategically placed to maximize the miraculous views that will literally take your breath away (but not to the point of actually killing you). They also all come maxed out with poolside services that enable you to lounge in complete harmony and total luxury. The Sunset Pool is a saltwater infinity pool, perched up high on a bluff that overlooks the Caribbean and seems to extend out into the horizon, an incredibly dreamy effect that is best experienced with the reflecting colour tones of the setting sun. The Aleta Pool is for adults only which of course implies that it is free of screaming and splashing children. It’s a gorgeous space that radiates peace and quiet and makes for the ideal chill zone. The Meads Bay Pool is the family friendly zone where the kids can scream and splash and have a blast showing off their best cannonballs and jacknifes. Like the other pools, this one is also perched in premium location and looks down on the beach and crashing waves below. Now the absolute best way to experience Viceroy pool-life in maximum luxury and style is to rent your own private cabana: a shade-generous oasis complete with cozy lounge chairs and a sofa (plus deluxe sofa bed laid out in the sun), a TV, fully-stocked mini bar with champagne, and food presentations throughout the day. Yeah, that’s how you do it.

Best Pools in Anguilla - CuisinArt

CuisinArt Anguilla

The CuisinArt is another excellent hotel that is good for mind body and soul. Of the legendary culinary appliance namesake, CuisinArt Anguilla features the largest hydroponic farm in a Caribbean resort, a first of its kind, providing full nourishment to guests. Eating garden fresh fruits and vegetables inspires you to hydrate yourself – by soaking your body in the pool. The Venus Spa also incorporates elements from the farm into therapies and treatments that pair perfectly with the Healing Water hydrotherapy pool. There’s also of course a dazzling infinity pool that stretches from the main building all the way to the beach bar, providing the perfect length for the perfect journey towards the perfect destination.

Mallihouana Hotel (COMING SOON)

This beauty of a resort has had some of the very best pools in Anguilla, and since closing down for renovations in 2011, it’s nearing reopening in fall of 2014 – and the pools, along with most every other feature, are rumoured to be better than ever.

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