The Musical Vibe in Anguilla

Travel Review Series: Escape to Anguilla: Why Anguilla is the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret

Amanda’s Trip to Anguilla this Spring

Part 3- The Musical Vibe!

On the note of music, the big highlight for me was ‘Boss’-who is well known everywhere you go in Anguilla. Boss is a fantastic singer, and people follow up by word of mouth wherever he performs, as did I after I experienced his brand of awesome! He performed at Anacaona’s Firefly, then later that week at Divida’s on Crocus Bay, which is another beautiful backdrop for a night of dining and music! Wherever Boss goes, you should follow, because whether you’re singing along to his cover of a Whitney Houston dance classic, or some soothing Bob Marley, or busting out the Electric Slide, Boss will get everyone either singing along or dancing. If you’re lucky like me, you may even get a serenade and a dance with him, and he is quite a charmer!

On of my top restaurant picks was Smokie’s where you’ll often find local up and coming talent, day or night depending on the day. But I can’t ignore the fun nightlife in Sandy Ground. Pump House is definitely pumpin’ on Thursday and Friday nights, and if you ask around people will let you know what local or international performances will be providing your soundtrack for the night! Then you can make your way over to Elvis’ for the party to continue, and this is the ultimate beach bar, located right on the sand along the water, under the stars. The DJs had us all dancing, with a little help from Elvis himself and some of his famous Rum Punch. Good times to be had by all if you want some low key fun and to party it up and feel like a local. I would recommend taking a taxi, as it is not too expensive, but a good 20 minutes from my Villa at Cap.

The music vibe is great in Anguilla. Ask around for recommendations from the locals and they will be sure to point you in the right direction, whether dinner at Smokie’s, or nightlife in Sandy Ground, or some new up and comer at another establishment down the beach.

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