The Food in Anguilla

Travel Review Series: Escape to Anguilla: Why Anguilla is the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret

Amanda’s Trip to Anguilla this Spring

Part 2 – The Food!

The food in Anguilla wherever I went was nothing short of delectable, so for anyone like me who is a self proclaimed ‘Foodie’, this is a food lover’s paradise!

My Best Lunch:

I definitely recommend enjoying a casual lunch at Smokie’s at the Cove, and their pan smeared Snapper with garlic butter was not only affordable, but delicious and a good representation on local fare. The fun live music from some locals at Smokie’s was a mix of Hip Hop and Reggae, which fit the down tempo relaxed vibe there, and definitely added some fun to our afternoon. My only regret about going there? Not buying a CD from the band!

Top Picks for Dinner:

For a relaxed dinner that has great food and atmosphere, try Firefly Restaurant and Bar at Anacaona Hotel. I tried their delicious buffet for dinner, which varies depending on the day of the week, and we had a full roast pig with all the local trimmings! Not only were the food and drinks a great sample of an Anguilla feast, but the local Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre choir group performs there often and they are fantastic, and a REAL piece of Anguilla’s story told through music and a s bit of comedy. They had us laughing and dancing the night away after, too!

For a memorable fine dining experience set upon cliffs of Barnes Bay and Meads Bay, try the modern and traditional Italian delights at Coba, located at the Viceroy Resort and Villas. Aside from the feast you will eat, the hotel setting itself is a feast for the eyes! The contemporary, chic, cutting edge look rivals any South Beach or LA Hotel. The Chef was kind enough to give us a sample of all the finest appetizers, and the Crayfish and citrus chocolate chip mouse I had to follow were my favorite meal of the trip!

Overall, Anguilla has the perfect blend of Island and International favorites, with innovative tantalizing creations that leave you wanting a good run on the beach before putting on that bikini again! Dining in Anguilla was certainly a highlight! From Smokies to Firefly to Coba, you are bound to have a culinary experience to delight.

One thought on “The Food in Anguilla

  1. am surprised not to see more re: CuisinArt, the friendly & gracious staff makes you feel truely decadent (they serve house made sorbet each afternoon, accomodated my special request for Chocoate Sorbet, for only my husband & I — nobody else!!)
    ….as well as other Dining hot spots, ie: for Lunch….On Da Rocks…..where you can get local crayfish for just $5 bucks! and those Rum Punches really pack a Punch! (no pun intended!)…. Blanchard’s Beach Bar for casual lunching on the beach…….E’s Oven & Tastey’s for Dinner, great local cuisine ….Veya, if you are looking for more upscale….Jacala for some Island fusion, and for you landlubbers who still need a shot, the Ferry Boat Inn has a great burger….these are just to name a few….

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