The Epitome of Romance

Epitome of Romance - Caribbean Sunset

Anguilla is the most romantic place in the world. Ok, that’s an entirely subjective statement and largely open to your own personal experience – but there are countless folks who will tell you the same. Why is this? What makes a place so dang romantic? The word gets thrown around in the tourism industry about as much as “off-the-beaten-path” or “best-kept-secret” and it certainly is something quite sought after. The dictionary defines romantic as: “A spirit or feeling of adventure, excitement, the potential for heroic achievement, and the exotic.” It can also mean, “fascination or enthusiasm with something, especially of an uncritical or inexplicable kind.” In this regard, romantic is just the right word to describe Anguilla.

Fascination of an inexplicable kind signifies that intangible vibe that permeates the exclusive Caribbean island. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you can feel it. It’s some sort of energy that is greater than the sum of its parts – the product of not adding up but multiplying the factor of palm trees and white sand beaches and lovely people and tasty food and gorgeous resorts, etc. Of course that’s just the logical brain trying to make sense of something that is by its very nature mysterious. It’s the fruitless attempt to critique the uncritical and explain the unexplainable. While many of us are quite used to this analytic approach to life, here in Anguilla it’s actually counterproductive to enjoying the romance. It is in the exotic spirit of adventure where the romance exists, and it order to best tap into that essence it’s important to open yourself up to it – to simply BE. Don’t think so much about it but instead just feel. Go not with your head but with your heart. Give your brain a much-needed vacation and let your heart guide you along towards that sense of heroic achievement.

While it all sounds nice and well, it’s more than possible to achieve here in Anguilla. Back home (and especially if home is in the big cities), we get so acclimatized to our surroundings which we paint with our own perception. We categorize and classify our world, as humans are so prone to do, labelling people and places and emotions in hopes of better understanding them – as if possessing a map with a clear legend will make our reality easier to navigate. When really what we’re doing is fortifying ourselves to keep the romance and the magic and the mystery out. To restrain our child-like sense of wonder. Building such a barrier between you and the unknown (which I refer to as the divine essence or source field), necessitates a drastic action to rediscover that romantic feeling – a breaking through the wall to let the love vibe in.

Epitome of Romance

In my understanding, LOVE is not ‘physical’ or chemical attraction; it is a state of high vibrational and no-vibrational balance that connects us to vastly more expanded realms of Consciousness where we can access innate intelligence and intuitive knowing – the true and eternal self. The state of romantic is the connection to these expanded realms of being, where the love flows through you. That’s why you feel that love vibration in your heart when you sit on a beach in Anguilla watching the sun set miraculous on the water. And along the sand floats the music of the steel drums, stirring something within. It’s the vibrations of it all that are reminding you of your natural state – which is one of love and thus of romance.

Perceiving Anguilla in this way, as enabling a pure connection to higher Consciousness and letting the love flow freely, it is truly romantic. It is a place to be reminded of this connection and to recharge and rejuvenate your spirit with that sense of wonder. To live in the moment, with your heart, experiencing gratitude and a deep sense of appreciation for the gift that is Anguilla. And when the time comes that you must return home to the city from whence you came, it is with a newfound clarity and purity of mind. You go home after experiencing the romance of Anguilla first-hand and you notice yourself perceiving your world differently. You notice the spirit or feeling of adventure and excitement in your day-to-day life that you’d forgotten about, until Anguilla reminded you. The fascination and enthusiasm is suddenly revitalized in you. You feel more romantic, and your actions reflect this higher state of being. The Anguilla State of Mind has merged with yours and everything now seems more vibrant. In this way, Anguilla is the perfect example of that divine essence or source field that we’re all connected to – it’s the epitome of romance.

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