The Best of Anguilla Guided Tours

Anguilla Guided Tours

There’s lounging around on the beaches all day and indulging in the phenomenal cuisine (and that ain’t the worst idea); and then there’s the Anguilla guided tours. We recommend a healthy bit of both, being as we are big supporters of balance in all things – especially vacations. That’s balance within your vacation and balance corresponding to how frequently you vacation. Try to vacation as much as you can. You don’t have to visit Anguilla every other month but you should take some time to yourself and have a mental vacation. Imagine Anguilla every now and then. Visualize it throughout the day. It’s like the old Zen saying: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day — unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” And when you’re sitting imagining the vacation you’re going to be experiencing, imagine some of the best Anguilla Guided Tours.

There are a few solid tour operators on Anguilla, in addition to your resort which is sure to offer some tours of its own. The hot thing these days is eco-tours, which involves visiting the most fragile, pristine and relatively undisturbed areas on earth. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to appreciate the increased interest and value as directly proportional to the destruction of the rest of the world. Ecotourism is meant to educate and inspire the traveler, awakening him or her to the bigger picture about the planet and how we’re all directly responsible and accountable for the future. Ecotourism promotes sustainability at its core, both in example through its operations and as the byproduct of influence that then spreads like so many nurtured seeds.

Deep Sea Fishing Tours

If you’re into fishing then you’ll have to head out on a fishing tour of Anguilla. Charter a fishing boat and venture off over the blue for an excellent day on the water. Sport fishing on Anguilla is still in its infancy, compared to other Caribbean islands, and the majority of fishing is none for commercial purposes so you can enjoy a delicious seafood meal. Not many places rent fishing gear outside of a tour so if you’re looking to go solo you should bring your own equipment. There are some great deep sea fishing opportunities to be found if you’d like to haul in a swordfish or a giant tuna for a photograph. (Of course we support catch and release.) There is also plenty of excellent fly fishing to be done in the flats.

Island Tours

Anguilla is a relatively tiny island that can be toured by car in a couple of hours. Rent your own ride or hire a taxi driver who’d be happy to show you around. The Anguilla National Trust runs proper islands tours that take you to some of the best spots along the Anguilla Heritage Trail, including such historic sites as the Old Salt Factory (to learn the history of the island’s thriving salt industry) and the Wallblake House (sugar plantation built in 1787). Check out Island Harbour on the west coast to experience a traditional fishing village that is still operating as it has for centuries, with a vibrant culture and beautifully friendly people. Hike the Pelican Trail down a 400-step staircase to the beach with phenomenal views and the big pelicans greeting you.

Sailing Tours

Or stick to the classics and go sailing, just as people have been doing here for centuries. Sailing has such a rich and deep history on Anguilla and remains one of the defining characteristics of the island, with an abundance of charters and regattas to be found. National holidays on Anguilla are celebrated with boat races contested by locally designed and constructed boats. August Week is the most popular regatta, held in honour of the Emancipation Act that freed the slaves under British control. Now people sail free in celebration of liberty; a beautiful symbol, if you ask me.

Embark on a traditional sailing charter on board a classic sloop vessel. Imagine yourself going back in time to the days of transporting spices and rums while remaining vigilant for pirates. Truly the best way to experience and appreciate Anguilla is by sea. Cutting through the powerade blue waters from cove to bay offers a unique perspective that you can’t get from staying on the beach the entire time. If you really want a good beach (and who doesn’t) your sailing charter can take you to a deserted island. Or rent a speed boat to rip around the island with the wind in your hair. Head out on a glass-bottom boat to explore the underwater realm while remaining dry. Go for a sunset cruise on a catamaran and make moments you’ll never forget.

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