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Legendary as an exclusive hideout for the rich and famous, Anguilla has evolved into a dreamlike destination for all those worthy of paradise. While these days the laid-back tropical island is more popular than ever – for damn good reasons – it’s still a peacefully isolated retreat. Between the posh resorts you’ll find 33 public beaches on sixteen miles of island, most thankfully devoid of other tourists. Journey around and find the perfect zone for you. Whether it’s Shoal Bay with convenient equipment rentals or Rendezvous Bay with the warm shallow waters, you’ll find harmony on the powdery white sand beaches as you settle into your lounge chair with your e-reader and a cold beverage.

The island radiates an unmistakeable charm, in the place and in its people. And there’s just enough to do to break up the relaxation time with some adventure time. Go snorkelling or scuba diving in the surrounding coral reefs and experience the vivid brilliance of brightly coloured schools of fish and leisurely sea turtles. You can even explore a sunken Spanish galleon at Stoney Bay Marine Park. Or just saddle up beneath a palm tree and soak up the good life.

Right on Rendezvous Bay you’ll find the exclusive and unique CuisinArt Resort and Spa. Most resorts offer limited views of the water – but not here: all the rooms come with amazing views of the gorgeous bay below. With no room smaller than 1,000 square feet, you’ll feel just as comfortable inside as on the shore. The nearly 100 guestrooms range from Luxury Rooms to Villas and many come with large living spaces and oversized balconies, perfect for watching the world go by. Decorated in crisp Caribbean colours, you’ll feel fresh as heck – helped by the fact that the rooms come equipped with 24-hour air purifying circulation systems. But to really do CuisinArt in style, stay in the lavish Penthouse 2001: a sprawling private palace by the sea with a 4,000 square foot sun-deck and jacuzzi along with full kitchen and dining room to make your vacation truly regal.

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So is it just the beauty and over-the-top luxury that draws travellers and celebrities alike to CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla? Nope. This hotel has a secret: it’s the first resort in the world to feature its own hydroponic garden. All the vegetables and fruits that you’ll eat are grown here – and are as fresh as possible and positively vibrant with¬†nutrition. Saving water through recirculation systems and drip irrigation, the 18-000 square-foot greenhouse allows crops to be grown at all times of the year. For the freshest herbs and greens, CuisinArt has you covered. And the chefs that work the resort are nothing short of world-class, whipping up these organic delights in creative and innovative dishes sure to impress.

A luxury trip to the Caribbean should always includes a visit to the spa. The Venus Spa at CuisinArt is perfect for experiencing bliss and beauty. Go for the Luxurious Escape – Couples Rendezvous and reconnect with your partner through an Anguillian Coconut Pineapple Scrub, Couples Swiss Duet Rain Shower, Couples Massage, Floral Escape Soothing Bath Soak, and for a finishing touch – strawberries and a toast of champagne.

Basic rooms at CuisinArt start at $475 / night. So, whether it’s the champagne, the waves, or even the tomatoes that put you in the mood, this resort is a fresh choice for a magnificent beach vacation.

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