Roadside BBQ Experience in Anguilla

One of the most exclusive destinations for a Caribbean vacation, Anguilla is known for its white sand beaches, miles of unspoiled nature hikes, acres of coral reef, and luxurious accommodations. One of the curiosities of the island is the Anguilla BBQ tradition, and new visitors will find that even the fancier restaurants offer barbecue dining options. However, the real treat will be in learning the local lore and identifying the best roadside BBQ stands. Commonly found on the weekends and at cultural events, roadside barbecue stands are a staple cuisine of Anguilla, and each stand has its own unique reputation.

## The Best of Dining in Anguilla
With little more required than a split oil drum grill and select cuts of meat, roadside BBQ can typically be found anywhere people are congregating. Some stands have been around for a while and are locally considered to be the best. It is definitely worthwhile to check with local sources, including the hotel concierge, to find the establishments with the best reputations. Exploring less well known grill artists can be fun too, but starting off with the best will provide a quick basis for comparison. Ribs and chicken are the staple fare, and there are numerous stands devoted to these two cuts alone. Big Jim’s is located near the island’s ferry service at Blowing Point and is considered to be one of the best. Other roadside stands have expanded due to popularity, so don’t be surprised if that favorite stand from a past Caribbean vacation is now a full-service restaurant.

For more variety, drop in on Anguilla BBQ queen Mabel Gumbs located in the Valley. With the traditional barbecue, she serves a corn soup that regularly sells out before noon. For the widest selection of tastes and smells, be sure to stop on Sandy Beach during a weekend party. Grilled fish fresh from the ocean can be found alongside conch soup and other traditional island gourmet. Dining in Anguilla offers no lack of options, including international cuisine at the fanciest restaurants. Fully experiencing the island life requires a taste of the traditional Anguilla BBQ.

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