Restaurants in Anguilla offer luxury and adventure

The Caribbean island of Anguilla is refreshingly undeveloped compared to the rest of the Leeward Isles, but restaurants in Anguilla are still world class. Anguillan cuisine reflects the island’s geography. The thin soil will not support quantities of large livestock. Beef is rare; the most common red meat in Anguillan dishes is goat. Pork and poultry also occur, but the star of Anguilla’s kitchens is seafood. Produce production is a function of the climate of the island, which lies to the east of Puerto Rico. Citrus fruits and breadfruit can be expected to appear in Anguillan dishes along with with peppers, tomatoes, yams and squash. All this raw material is regularly turned into culinary art by the world class restaurants in Anguilla. Three in particular stand out: The Straw Hat, Tasty’s and the Viceroy Anguilla Sunset Lounge.

* The Straw Hat in Mead’s Bay is a relaxed establishment where diners can choose from local snapper fresh from the grill, a delightful curried goat or seafood pasta. For a special side dish, try the tomato pie with field greens to complement its flaky crust and rich mozzarella flavor.

* Tasty’s in South Hill provides enticing food in a fun atmosphere. Visitors can explore Anguillan tradition with the stewed chicken “Grandma’s style” or try the conch creole with coconut dumplings. For a starter with real Caribbean flair try the grilled jerk tuna salad.

* The Sunset Lounge located in the Viceroy Anguilla Resort provides a wide choice of light meals. This includes jerked chicken, conch fritters and a unique Anguillan twist on maki rolls that involves barbecued eel. Patrons who crave a more extensive menu may prefer the resort’s full service restaurant, the Coba, but those with a taste for bar cuisine will be delighted with the Viceroy Anguilla Sunset Lounge.

Anguilla’s upscale ambiance and unique cuisine combine to offer diners an experience that is out of this world. Local chefs make great use of the island’s resources. Restaurants in Anguilla have a unique twist on Caribbean cuisine that makes an island vacation a culinary adventure.

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