Planning Your Anguilla Vacation

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If the planet were polled it’d be safe to say that the vast majority of people would love to vacation in the Caribbean. And while most people polled wouldn’t know about Anguilla, as it remains in exclusive under the radar status, if they did you’re almost guaranteed to have everyone say yes please. Although most people will never get the chance to visit the Caribbean, let alone the dream island of Anguilla. So if you’re able to vacation here, consider yourself among the fortunate and be grateful. Because when it comes to planning your Anguilla vacation, one of the first steps to actualizing it gratitude and appreciation. That simple energetic act magnetizes yourself to attract the positive experiences you want into your life. Then you can take the next practical step towards actually making it happen.

One of the next decisions to make after you’ve decided to visit the Caribbean is which island (or islands) to visit! There are many wonderful options and without good advice and recommendations the search can be time consuming, if not downright confusing. This is where My Anguilla Vacation comes in, as the authority on the subject having spent thousands of hours in country and experiencing all the properties we sell. Anguilla is the place to be if you’re looking for a luxury vacation free of crowds with big beaches to yourself and the opportunity to spot celebrities.

Before you go there are some further things to take care of:

  • Decide who is going. Will it be a romantic vacation with your sweetheart? A family excursion with children and senior citizens? Are your rolling solo? Each will obviously call for a slightly different itinerary and accommodation choice.
  • You’ll want to consider what activities you’re looking for. Are you going to do some hiking, cultural experiences, water sports like scuba diving or snorkeling or kitesurfing?
  • How long do you plan on staying? Most people do a week although a long weekend is solid and two week excursions are an excellent way to go, too.
  • When do you want to go? Summer rates are much more affordable in the low season where you can save up to 40% off high season winter rates, and there will be fewer crowds (although on Anguilla even in the winter there are fewer people than islands like Jamaica.) A drawback to summer travel is the weather, as with fewer cooling trade winds it can get quite muggy. It’s also hurricane season in August and September, and some tourist locations close down for these months – although if you’re into a genuine island culture experience surrounded by the amazingly authentic and friendly locals, this is the best time to go. So it all depends on your frame of perception.
  • How much are you budgeting? Take into account your expenses on activities and dinners, as there are few all-inclusive resorts here and some restaurants are rather expensive, although conch shack road stands are a great way to save a few bucks on meals. Transportation will of course be a major factor, with flights being much more pricy coming from the west coast than the east. And you’ll want to do at least one spa day while you’re on vacation, so factor that into the equation as well.
  • Make a spending plan, look for savings on package deals, and remember to always barter for the best prices on the islands. Consider spending money for golfing, casinos, and nightlife and entertainment. Once you’ve got it roughly calculated, you’re good to go. Now all you have to do is pick that perfect accommodation.

There are many excellent options for luxury Anguilla resorts, hotels and villas here on this exclusive high-end island. Cap Juluca, for example, is a gorgeous gem on Maundays Bay, decked out in Greco-Moorish architecture and fresh off a multi-million dollar upgrade, this luxury hotel with outstanding accommodation and world class amenities will have you loved right up with the island. With friendly and caring staff, a championship golf course next door, and a welcoming vibrant atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong with Cap Juluca.

Viceroy is another premium luxury resort in Anguilla, offering one of the coolest experiences in the Caribbean. It’s so stylish and you feel like you’re walking around in a masterpiece of art. The rooms are luxurious yet laid back in dark tones and earthy materials and some come with a private plunge pool along with the miraculous ocean views. Some of the amenities here include such unique features as a climbing wall and a basketball court, along with several pools and world-class restaurants. Other highly recommended resorts include Malliouhana, CuisinArt and Anacaona. Just know that wherever you may choose to stay, of the resorts we’ve listed, you’re sure to be pampered and catered to wonderfully. You can expect all of the staff to be courteous and well-trained, knowing when to assist you and when to simply give you a friendly nod. At the end of a long day on the island, be sure to ask one of these helpful people to direct you to the nearest spa for a relaxing massage. Anguilla offers the best there is in the way of luxury Caribbean vacations for those who want to treat themselves to nothing less than the best.

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