Of Being Connected On Anguilla

Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla: An Actual Best-Kept Secret

Anguilla radiates a sense of wonder and beauty that can cause you to once again believe in magic. The term ‘best-kept secret’ gets thrown around a lot in the tourism world; overused to the point where it’s been largely devalued and clichéd. Yet when it comes to this pristine Caribbean getaway, best kept secret is an appropriately factual description. The exclusive island remains relatively unknown to most, aside from a minority of folks who understand how to make life beautiful. The actors and rock stars who frequent Anguilla know that it’s a place where they can feel liberated from the grind of modern society. Where they can visit to be revitalized and reconnected. Anguilla is a veritable wonderland of bliss and beauty where we find ourselves immersed in total comfort and relaxation. Come see for yourself why this little piece of paradise is perfection defined.

There’s not many places left in the world where you can experience the feeling of having a beach all to yourself and feeling like you’re on your own private island. On Anguilla you will often be the only one as far as you can see, down the powdery sugar-soft white sand of its 33 beaches, the tranquil azure waters sparkling in the sun. And if you want some lively action, there are plenty of vibrant spots where cool people mingle with the locals and celebrate the good life. And maybe that’s what Anguilla does best – inspire celebration of the present moment and the magnificence of life. It inspires the belief that a vacation isn’t to escape reality but to embrace it.

Anguilla Water

Exploring the Wonders of the Water

Anguilla is the epitome of what you might imagine from a postcard Caribbean island, with mind-blowingly gorgeous vistas and experiences to stimulate all your senses. Come to relax at one of Anguilla’s resorts and villas and be pampered in luxury, bathing in the sun and swimming in the warm waters. The magnificent coral reefs just offshore are colorful worlds waiting to be explored with scuba or snorkel, and if you’re into some more advanced underwater adventures, there’s several shipwrecks to investigate. Shoal Bay, for instance, is one of the world’s best beaches with picturesque white sand and a miraculous reef. From April through November, many of Anguilla’s beaches are nesting grounds for leatherback, green and hawksbill turtles and you can watch these wonderful creatures laying eggs at Maundays, Meads, Captains and Limestone Bay. 

Symbolism of Water

The water inspires something serene in us. It radiates a calming and balancing effect, simply by being in its presence. Water reminds us to go with the flow and to breathe. Water reminds us to be mindful. Water reminds us that we’re all connected and that no man is an island unto himself. In the Taoist tradition, water is considered an aspect of wisdom as it  takes on the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance. The symbolism here is of a higher wisdom we may all aspire to achieve. Water also symbolizes transformation, the subconscious, purification, reflection, intuition  renewal, and motion. Whether we’re fully aware of these aspects as we appreciate the tranquil waters of the Caribbean, on some level we instinctually understand its power. And it works its magic, as we feel the positive healing effects of water.

Anguilla Water Fly Pelican Fly

Free WiFi spots in Anguilla

While you’re here feeling connected with your higher self and the planet, you’ll might still want to be technologically connected with the outside world. There will be as many opportunities to turn off your phone and laptop and get back to basics as you create – but should you wish to have the internet, there are many place on the little island of Anguilla to get free WiFi. Here’s our list of spots to grab some net, all of them readily accessible for you to communicate with the rest of the world. Some places you can get WiFi right on the beach, or around the pool, or relaxing at a cafe.

  • Ferryboat Inn – Blowing Point
  • Roy’s Bayside – Sandy Ground
  • SandBar – Sandy Ground
  • Bonjour Cafe – Sandy Ground
  • Dolce Vita – Sandy Ground
  • Elvis’s Beach Bar – Sandy Ground
  • Pumphouse – Sandy Ground
  • Anacaona Hotel – Meads Bay
  • Viceroy Hotel – West End
  • Straw Hat – Meads Bay
  • Blanchard’s Beach Shack – Meads Bay
  • Geraud’s – South Hill Plaza
  • A-Burger – behind South Hill Plaza
  • Smokey’s – Cove Bay
  • Tasty’s – South Hill
  • Manoah Beach Bar – Shoal Bay
  • Serenity Bar – Shoal Bay
  • Andy’s – The Valley
  • Ming’s Chinese – The Valley
  • Jiavannis – Long Path
  • Ciao (airport) – The Valley
  • Valley Bistro – The Valley
  • Flavours Restaurant – Back Street
  • Big Spring – Island Harbour

Of Being Connected On Anguilla

So come for the connections. You’re sure to meet some fascinating characters here with an abundance of stories to share. Experiences to be lived. Life to be appreciated and celebrated. This is just some of why Anguilla is such a spectacular island, known only to the lucky few that have either experienced it or those who are visualizing themselves experiencing it in the near future. Which will of course be the eternal present moment when they do arrive and their journey takes them to the hallowed white shores of Anguilla. It’s yours to discover. 

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