Merry Christmas in Anguilla

Christmas in Anguilla

Christmas in Anguilla may not be the traditional winter wonderland most people think of when the holiday season rolls around but the tropical Caribbean island has its own unique charm that rivals the classic celebration. Trade in the fir trees for palm trees and the white snow for white sand and you’ve got the makings of an amazing Christmas in Anguilla. The weather is divine, the cuisine is sensational, and the festive atmosphere facilitated by the lovely locals creates a magnificent occasion – and a very welcome getaway if you happen to live in the northern climes.

Anguilla is legendary as an exclusive vacation destination highly sought after by those with a distinguished and refined sense of taste and style. The island has remained relatively unknown up until the last decade and while it’s popularity is increasing, Anguilla manages to maintain its reputation as being an intimate and serene destination without the overwhelming crowd sprawl of some of the other more well-known Caribbean islands. December is the peak period of travel and Anguilla’s busiest month of the year, however, and many of the resorts will be bustling with vacationers which really just adds to the festive spirit. But there’s still a fair chance you’ll have an entire beach to yourself (the tiny island of Anguilla boasts 33 spectacular beaches so the ideal spot awaits your discovery), and bliss and beauty just comes with the package. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities, too, as many A-listers frequent Anguilla over the holiday season. The last two weeks of December will see the Anguilla Airport bumper-to-bumper with private jets transporting celebrities and high rollers to the island paradise. They’re coming for a good reason as not only is the luxury villa scene exquisite but they’re treated like anyone else here, unhassled and carefree.

The resorts in Anguilla are breathtaking and among the world’s very best – and you can count on some sort of special Christmas celebration taking place. Now remember that rates on accommodation will go up at this time of year but if you’re willing to pay the premium to celebrate Anguilla at its most vibrant then it’s well worth it. Christmas is a widely celebrated occasion throughout much of the Caribbean as friends and family gather to share gratitude and joy, along with some gift giving and the sharing of amazing meals, the recipes of which have been handed down through the generations. Oh, and a lot of singing and dancing. Palm trees are decorated in bright lights and decorations abound as Anguillans really get into the holiday cheer as exemplified by the Christmas Village in the Lower Valley.¬†Being a remarkably welcoming lot, the Anguillans will help you feel right at home and you’ll quickly find yourself caught up in the Caribbean Christmas Spirit.

Christmas in Anguilla Santa

The restaurants are all vibed up with Christmas dinners and you’ll want to make reservations over Christmas. Replace the classic turkey with the trademark Anguillan crawfish that is freshly pulled from the crystal clear waters offshore and boiled in sea water with a flourish of local vegetables and coconut for that special Island flavor. Sandy Ground is the main village where much of the merry-making is to be found and it will be going off in celebration. The beach bars will be happily busy with folks laid back and chilling with their feet in the sand jamming along to live music in the rhythms of the tropics with reggae tones and steel drums. Pumphouse is especially popular on Christmas night. For those wishing to attend Christmas services, there are many old churches of different denominations throughout the island for you to choose from.

The weather is idyllic and you’ll thankfully find none of that hot and sticky tropical weather but rather a peaceful serenity of the perfect temperature – just right. Stroll down to the beach on Christmas morning and join in a game of volleyball or bocce ball. Go snorkeling among the reefs or scuba diving among the shipwrecks. Go cliff jumping. Go on a chartered sailboat tour. Go deep sea fishing. Go golfing. Just bliss out on the beach. It’s up to you – whatever you want – this is your Christmas in Anguilla to remember so let us help you make it perfect.

The celebration continues up to its climax on New Year’s Eve – called “Old Year’s Night” in Anguilla – with many amazing parties and special festivities going down. Da’Vida is an excellent place to ring in 2014 with a five-course five-star meal, Venetian masks, live music and a wonderful atmosphere overlooking the sea. Your resort will undoubtedly host some sort of celebration as well so after a dinner you can head down to Sandy Ground (especially Pumphouse, again) for a party. Classic Anguilla reggae star, Bankie Banx will be throwing the Morning celebration down at the beach which goes all night, sometimes even til 10am. Send farewell to the year behind as you dig your bare feet into the white sand, rum punch in hand, and just “lime” as they say in the Caribbean, which is to just hang out and soak up the good life.

And that good life comes naturally on Anguilla, it’s something in the energy of the island – it flows openly and smoothly and inspires all those who connect with it. As you’re blissed out in the harmony and positivity of Anguilla, you look back on where you’ve been and look ahead to where you’re going – and then find yourself perfectly in the present moment. Feet planted, aware of everything, and grateful for what you have. It’s the season of generosity and family and what better place to celebrate than the paradise here on Anguilla. As Jimmy Buffet, the unofficial representative for island escapism, sings, “It’s Christmas in the Caribbean, got everything but snow.”

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