Journey to Your Destination: Getting To And Around Anguilla

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Some may call the route to Anguilla “off the beaten path” because it isn’t on the major routes. But that’s one of the beauties of this exclusive island. And while the trip may indeed take the road less traveled, the voyage will most certainly be smooth and the destination well worth the journey. Your getaway to this luxurious Caribbean destination can be reached via air or water (duh), or a combination of the two; and once you’re there, we’re guessing you’ll probably want to know how to get around. So here’s your inside scoop on Anguilla transportation.

Getting to Anguilla

While flying is, of course, the easiest way to travel to Anguilla from the continent, the island’s tiny airport only connects with select Caribbean countries – so you’ll want to first fly into the neighbouring island of Saint Martin before you hop over. You may recognize Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) from the photos of the 747s zooming only metres above the beach. You can be on one of those flights buzzing the tourists, with connections from Miami (2.5 hours) or San Juan, Puerto Rico (1 hour). And from there it’s just a quick eight-minute jaunt north to Anguilla ($80). Enjoy the stunning view of the Caribbean below, spread out like a turquoise blanket as Anguilla comes into view, all white beaches and palm trees and exuding those relaxation vibes you’ve come for. Or, if you want to set your own schedule, connect with our destination experts to arrange a private air charter ($440) and reach the island in style.

Anguilla Charter Boats Speedboat in the Turquoise Waters with Beach in Background

The other option to reach Anguilla from St. Martin is by sea, pirate-style. Feel the trade winds on your face and the splash of the sea on the ship. And, if you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins or flying fish racing alongside. The Anguilla ferry runs every 45 minutes from Saint Martin and is very affordable ($15) – although we also offer reasonably priced private transfers for the ultimate by-boat experience ($60). The voyage is only about 25 minutes to Blowing Point on Anguilla’s southwest coast, and once you’ve had your documents stamped by Customs you’ve also made it to your final destination.

Once You Arrive in Anguilla

Many of the hotels will meet you upon arrival, at either Wallblake Anguilla Airport or Blowing Point, and transport you directly to your island hideaway. Taxis are also available, at reasonable rates, to escort you wherever you want to go. Or, rent a car and drive there yourself. As a British overseas territory, Anguilla drives on the left side of the road so prepare for roundabouts and bring your license. With little to no traffic on the island, it’s fun to explore Anguilla’s 33 gorgeous beaches and discover your own favourite hidden treasure.

And while you’re getting back to the basics on your Anguilla vacation, may we remind you of some of the alternative modes of transportation available to ride:

  • Bicycle
  • Motorbike
  • Scooter
  • Waterski
  • Parasail
  • Jet-ski
  • Windsurf
  • Horseback

Now that you understand the process of getting to and around Anguilla, all that’s left to do is choose a route and get your journey under way. For great rates, Anguilla hotel and resort information and extensive knowledge of the destination, visit Anguilla Reservations or call 800-970-9415.  Once you are there, it’s just a matter of retracing your steps and knowing exactly how to get back to your Caribbean hideaway for next time.

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