How To Do A Group Getaway in Anguilla

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4 Steps To Bring The Whole Crew To Anguilla

So you’ve made the decision to travel to the Caribbean with a large group but you’re looking for some help on how to pull it off. First, explore our website and visualize yourself at the villa or resort that is perfect for your party; then select some activities and make dining and nightlife plans. Now all that’s left to do is let the undisputed destination experts at My Anguilla Vacation book your group getaway. And then the ball is in motion.

Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate function, or a large family reunion, Anguilla is the perfect island to do your group retreat in style. This tropical getaway is one of the world’s most exclusive destinations, attracting the rich and famous with its fabled white sand beaches and secluded vibe. Anguilla radiates a connecting effect on those fortunate enough to experience its wonders; a connection with nature, with ourselves, and with each other. Make the decision to bring your group to Anguilla and you can be sure you will all have one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of your life.


  • Talk it out: Figure out what everyone wants and synch up your plans accordingly
  • Share your knowledge: Compile everyone’s research on the destination
  • Have your own must-do/must-see: Sometimes you gotta do your own thing
  • Let folks play up their strengths: Share responsibilities with those best suited
  • Speak up but listen well: Specific needs and concerns are important to know
  • Don’t be over-ambitious: Don’t stretch yourself thin on being too strenuous
  • Make a backup plan: Anticipate change and allow for flexibility
  • Look for group discounts: Talk to us about special rates for larger parties
  • Outsource trip planning advice with our destination experts!

Anguilla Beach

1) Where To Stay

Decide on a luxury villa to all share or a fantastic five-star resort. Depending on how many people are in your party, you can choose the perfect place to stay. If you have 6-12 people, a 5-6 bedroom villa will be perfect. Many of these luxurious and elegant properties have multiple units along the beach from each other, so you can rent a few if you have a larger group. Here’s a few of our favorite selections for Anguillas for groups:

  • Long Bay Villas: Rent one of these three ultra-luxurious villas and do Anguilla properly.
  • Altamer Villa Resort: Three exquisite villas in the luxury oceanfront villa with tennis and restaurants.
  • Villas at Kamique: These phenomenal villas house up to twelve people looking for total bliss and beauty.

The other way to do it is to stay at one of the phenomenal Anguilla hotels and resorts. Check out our Hot Anguilla Specials page for the best deals and packages and save yourselves some money.

2) What To Do

Figure out your activities and what to do from our recommendations. Read our blogs and do your research. There’s many amazing things to do and places to see in Anguilla. Here are just a few options.

  • Day trips to Scilly Cay and Sandy Island are great for groups
  • Secluded reef snorkeling or scuba diving trips to shipwrecks
  • Pamper yourself in one of the legendary spas
  • Party it up with the locals at Sandy Ground
  • Round of golf at CuisinArt is always a classic bonding experience
  • Hiking around the island 
Anguilla Beaches

3) What To Eat

Anguilla is known not only for its thirty-three astonishing beaches but its award-winning dining scene. The creative cuisine offers discerning travelers international sophistication and elegance with a fusion of fresh local flavors from land and sea with elegant imports. The artistry Anguillian chefs, both local and abroad, is unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean.

  • Dine in the finest restaurants or have the best chefs come to you at your villa.
  • Lounge (or lime) at the beach bars and try the conch dishes
  • Rent out the Pumphouse or Elvis’ Bar for a team night out
  • For more higher end go to DaVida’s
  • Read our Best Lunch Spots in Anguilla blog

4) Where To Book

Book with us, the undisputed experts on Anguilla. We’ll find you the guaranteed best rates on luxury villas, resorts and hotels. We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about your group vacation to this dreamiest of island getaways. Call us today at 1-800-970-9415. 

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