Hiking Around Anguilla

Hiking Boots on White Sand

Lace Up Your Boots and Explore Anguilla on Foot!

Hiking adventures await in Anguilla. At only 17 miles long and 3 miles wide at its widest point, much of this beautiful Caribbean land is uninhabited and prime for exploration. Start your journey off on one of the dirt roads (many abandoned from old building projects) that intersect the island. Make sure you wear proper footwear (bring the flip flops in your bag) because the terrain can get rough. Don’t forget to bring lots of water too, as the sun can get quite hot between 10am and 4pm. Then venture on and experience the nature of Anguilla first hand.

Look forward to catching some spectacular views. Some parts of the island are narrow enough to see both coasts at the same time while trekking through the low bush and rocky outcroppings along the sea. There are 33 immaculate beaches on Anguilla, so make sure you include a stop at one (or a few) along  your hike. There’s also a fair chance you’ll see some wildlife along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for goats, lizards, and brightly coloured birds – along with some unusual looking trees. Come across friendly locals, going about their day and give them a big hello for us! Here are our favourite hikes:

Katouche Trail: Lush rainforests; iguana caves; and salt ponds.

Limestone Bay: Stunning cliff walls; coves full of wild goats; and coral rock blow holes.

Brimegin Trail: Sinkhole with a large fig tree; lots of wildlife; and great ocean views.

Windward Point: Wild beaches; big hills; and plenty of lizards.
anguilla hiking map

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