Exploring Sandy Ground in Anguilla

Find Paradise in Anguilla
For relaxation and fun beyond your wildest imagination, begin planning your Caribbean vacation with a stop in Anguilla. Widely known for its inimitable beaches, Anguilla’s supple white sand–so soft it feels like powdered sugar–will make an impression you won’t soon forget. Tranquil turquoise waters and 80 degree temperatures will entice you to stretches of beach unspoiled by crowds of tourists. Resort hotels offer the ultimate in luxury, and larger groups will enjoy private, fully-equipped villas.

Wondering what to do in Anguilla? This fun-loving isle is known for its colorful beach bars and live music, which can’t help but inspire a little spirited dancing. For truly authentic Anguilla dining, don’t miss the roadside barbecue that is the traditional local fare. Or take a tiny rowboat to Scilly Cay just minutes off the coast. This rustic spot has no electricity, but promises a Eudoxie Rhum Punch that will make you forget your worries, as well as an Anguilla dining experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. The Cay boasts the best grilled lobster in the area, so fresh you just might have seen it walking on the ocean floor on the ride over.

Begin your visit in Sandy Ground–Anguilla’s main port–where you will find an abundance of restaurants and shops, as well as a delightful mix of locals and vacationers. Appease the adventurer in you with a swimming excursion on horseback, a scuba dive in a 960 ton Spanish galleon, or a ride in a glass-bottomed boat. Sailing is the national sport of Anguilla; you can charter a private boat or enjoy watching the locals race from the comfort of your lounge on the shore. If you yearn to get out on your own, the island is easily navigated by bicycle, and offers uninhabited areas perfect for a day of lazy exploration. From touring the Wallblake Plantation House and the old prison to fishing for marlin and yellow fin tuna, the options for what to do in Anguilla during your stay are endless. No Caribbean vacation would be complete without a visit to this exquisite locale, so book your trip today!

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