Exclusive Luxury on a Family Vacation in Anguilla

Anguilla is a gorgeous British island in the Caribbean. It is known for its privacy and exclusivity. Celebrities of all kinds vacation on this island to escape from the busyness of their private lives and from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. A family vacation to Anguilla will certainly be a success.

This island is known for its many fine beaches despite its small size. Although the island is approximately sixteen miles long by three miles wide, it is home to thirty-three white, sandy beaches. It has a tropical atmosphere, but breezes off the sea cool the island to a temperate yearly average of eighty degrees. A small international airport serves the island but can only accommodate certain types of planes. Many vacationers choose to take the twenty minute ferry ride from St. Martin, which is just south of the island.

Most hotels in Anguilla are pervaded with a sense of easy luxury. They are reputed to have some of the best amenities in the world and draw hundreds of guests each year. For those who do not prefer to stay in one of the hotels in Anguilla, private villas and cottages are available for rent.

Some of the finest resorts include Covecastle Resort, the Viceroy Hotel and Resort and the Cap Juluca Resort. The Viceroy Hotel and Resort is especially suited to families since it offers a number of guest accommodations. A family could rent a private villa for a week or could get a room with a private swimming pool for convenience. Even with the entire family along, this resort has a pervading sense of calm and luxury.

A family vacation to Anguilla cannot be complete without souvenirs, photographs on the beach or a fine dining experience. Families will enjoy the beauty of exploring a coral reef and checking out the beauty of some of the nearby islands. This is a prime location at any time of the year.

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