Dining Out in Anguilla

Famous for its splendid beaches, tropical atmosphere, and celebrity sightings, Anguilla also boasts fine dining that rivals any mainland restaurant. With fresh, unique ingredients and organic food options, dining out in Anguilla will provide you with an experience like no other. With so many restaurants in Anguilla to choose from, your options are varied. From the eclectic Straw Hat to the friendly atmosphere of Cote Mer, the food is plentiful and delicious. Your biggest worry will be how you will fit them all in to your vacation.

Any experience dining out in Anguilla should begin with Cote Mer in Indian Harbor. Cote Mer offers seafood specials and a daily menu that can’t be missed. Overlooking the water, diners can eat their meals in the open salt air, enjoying the fresh-from-the-ocean seafood dishes prepared by master chefs. Check for their specials, which can include the Lobster Party or a special dish not included on the regular menu. Moving over to Meads Bay, do not miss Straw Hat. An Anguilla staple for 15 years, Straw Hat has a relaxed atmosphere and breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus guaranteed to please. Relaxing with a cold cocktail on a warm beach never felt so good. Don’t miss out on their Sunday brunch!

There are so many fine restaurants on the island, many supplied by the organic farmers located around The Valley. Organic food lovers will be pleased with the selection available around the area. Restaurants in Anguilla offer fine seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and delicious beef and poultry dishes. It is easy to find fine dining experiences at many locations around the island; simply ask a local! As with any location, locals know where the finest food is served because they frequent the restaurants themselves. Hopefully, you find your own favorite restaurants while dining out in Anguilla.

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