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CuisinArt Anguilla

Anguilla is one of THE places for the rich and the famous, an exclusive hideaway for people with refined taste for the finer things in life. While it remains relatively unknown, for people in the know Anguilla is a veritable paradise. It’s supremely laid back and luxurious, providing everything you could possibly imagine being included on your dream vacation. It’s peaceful and tranquil, which may be almost the same thing, and you’re likely to have as much space to yourself as you want. While other islands in the Caribbean tend to get a bit busy on the beach, particularly the more popular destinations, Anguilla remains wonderfully free of crowds. On the sixteen miles of island there are 33 beaches that you can explore to your heart’s content. Stroll the impossibly white sand beaches until you find the perfect spot and hunker down beneath a palm tree with your e-reader. And while you’re basking in all the good vibes this magical island brings to your life, why don’t you stay at CuisinArt Anguilla.

Located in beautiful Rendezvous Bay the legendary CuisinArt Resort and Spa stands stoic at the edge of the white stand. The view is amazing and here every single room provides sweeping views of the bay, so you need not worry about ending up with some dismal view of the parking lot. No ma’am/sir. And all the rooms (nearly 100 of them) are no smaller than 1,000 square feet and they’re all beautiful. From adorable Luxury Rooms to sprawling Villas you can find just the layout to please you and your crew. Pull up a lounge chair on your oversized patio looking out at the Caribbean and just watch the world go by. And if you’re feeling extravagant for a special occasion you could stay in CuisinArt’s Penthouse 2001: a proper palace where the patio alone is 4,000 square feet so just use your imagination.

CuisinArt Resort

It isn’t just the phenomenally luxurious accommodations and sheer beauty and vibe and great things to do that attracts guests from around the world to CuisinArt Anguilla, time and time again. It’s also legendary for its cuisine (as you may have surmised from its name). It is indeed of the leading company of culinary appliances, and as such, the dining here is outstanding. I mean they really outdid themselves with this one. It’s the first resort in the Caribbean to feature its own hydroponic garden, for starters. So all the fruits and vegetables that you’ll eat here are grown right on the premises in an 18,000 square-foot greenhouse, just so vibrant and fresh. The hydroponics recirculation systems and drip irrigation saves water and allows crops to be grown all year long for the highest quality herbs and greens (darn near everything you could imagine, from pumpkins and okra to guavas and avocados). And the chefs are extremely top-notch and adept at using the bounty of the greenhouse to create creative and innovative organic meals and drinks that you’ll love.

The innovative cuisine is served at a variety of restaurants on-site including Tokyo Bay, Anguilla’s first authentic Japanese restaurant; Mediteranneo, the poolside restaurant with “Made the Way You Like It” customizable options; Le Bistro at Santorini, Anguilla’s only AAA Four Diamond restaurant; and Italia & Clubhouse Grill, featuring classic Italian cuisine in a stunning setting.

Basic rooms at CuisinArt start at $475 / night. So come get involved because this resort is a fresh choice for a perfect beach vacation.

CuisinArt Resort Pool

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