Celebrity Sightings in Anguilla

Celebrity sightings in Anguilla are the norm, as the exclusive Caribbean island caters to stars who wish to vacation in relative privacy and seclusion away from the hype and publicity found in other tropical locations. Anguilla has 33 spectacular white sand beaches, world-class restaurants and numerous upscale resorts, without one stoplight on the 16-mile-long tranquil island. The tropical paradise of Anguilla provides anonymity and a sheltered retreat for well-known visitors, with luxurious accommodations and lavish amenities offering the discriminating lifestyles that celebrities, stars and other wealthy patrons expect.

Luxury resorts in Anguilla began attracting celebrities over twenty years ago, when the five-star Covecastles Resort opened on the splendid white sand beaches of Meads Bay, and drew famous icons such as Princess Diana and Denzel Washington. The Cap Juluca Resort is a celebrity destination on the stunning beaches of Maundays Bay, where elegant accommodations attract famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Lopez. The CuisinArt Resort is a vacation destination of many stars such as Beyonce and JayZ, Jada Pinkett Smith and John Malkovitch. The Viceroy Anguilla resort has been known to host celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, 50 Cent and Sandra Bullock. Another exclusive enclave that attracts well-known superstars is the Malliouhana Resort and Spa.

World-class cuisine also draws celebrities in Anguilla to resort restaurants for their gourmet fare prepared by the best chefs who use West Indies products with an international flare. Individual Anguilla restaurants attract celebrities who experience top island chefs concocting delicious local culinary creations. Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton, Keith Richards, Conan O’Brien, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and Uma Thurman have all vacationed on Anguilla. Alec Baldwin and Harvey Weinstein docked their yacht on Anguilla to sample the menu at the Santorini Restaurant. Liam Nelson and Ethan Hawk have eaten lunch at a local hamburger joint. Locals are neighbors with Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. Although the names mentioned here are just a sample of the celebrities who enjoy vacationing on this marvelous Caribbean island in Anguilla luxury, there is always room for any discerning traveler to visit.

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