Cap Juluca in Anguilla

Cap Juluca – Maunday’s Bay

With white sand at your feet and crystal waters lapping on the beach, there is no better place to be in Anguilla than on Maunday’s Bay. One beautiful mile of unspoiled beachfront awaits swimmers, snorkelers, and sports fiends who can enjoy water-skiing with Cap Juluca’s own private boat.

Unparalleled service is undoubtedly the highlight of Cap Juluca. Each suite has a beachfront location with it’s own walkway down to the beachfront where your personal beach chair awaits you each day. There is no need to throw your towel down early in the morning…each guest will have their own dedicated chair for the length of their stay as well as their own server bringing complimentary sorbet in the hot afternoon sun or scented cool face towels to keep you feeling refreshed and comfortable.

As you get to know your server, they will bring your favorite drink to you the same time each day, bring you extra towels after a swim in the warm waters and even let you know your reservations have been made for lunch and dinner that day.

And to stay in Caribbean mood you will be given your own iPod filled with Caribbean music to enjoy while basking in the sun each day that you can either return at the end of your trip or purchase to take the memories home with you.

Cap Juluca is a rare find in the Caribbean. Add it to your bucket list – you won’t be disappointed.

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