Best Seafood in Anguilla

Seafood in Anguilla

Many people have never even heard of Anguilla, which helps maintain its exclusive position as a top-secret haven for the rich and famous. But for the people in the know – like you and I – Anguilla is legendary not only for its postcard perfect beaches and scenery and dreamy resorts but for it’s food scene. In fact, the little island of Anguilla is known by many to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean. No small feat when you consider the immensity of phenomenal eats coming out of this region of the world. And while most of the island’s 33 beaches you’ll find practically nobody else on except for you, Anguilla is brimming with restaurants. In its 30 square miles of land there are over 70 restaurants. That’s more gourmet restaurants per acre than Manhattan. And here in Anguilla, they know good food.

The chefs are world-class and whether they were born and raised here or classically trained elsewhere to bring their gifts to Anguilla, they create some of the most innovative and ingenious plates you’ll ever taste. If you’re a foodie, or have any gastronomic proclivities, you should have a vacation to Anguilla on your bucket list. The island radiates authenticity everywhere you turn and it is as much an experience for the senses as it is an entire state of mind. It’s a way of life that demonstrates itself through the tastes and the presentation and the way combining it all together makes you feel. It’s laid back and elegant, luxurious and rejuvenating. It’s everything you love in life on an even more vibrant scale. It’s fresh food, inspired flavours, and unparalleled natural ambiance.

And when you’re dining in Anguilla, you’re obviously going to be sampling the seafood. Unless you’re allergic, after all it’s an island and that’s one of their specialties. They’ve been fine-tuning their fishing practices for thousands of years on this little island, and with the international approaches bringing new and fascinating styles to seafood, it’s become even more incredible. Taste some of the freshest seafood in the world, with exotic varieties like conch or crayfish that you won’t find in too many other places. Start with these places, write them on your list, and take it from there. Bon Appetit.

Smokey’s at The Cove

Smokey’s is a legendary bar and restaurant that is as famous for its menu (especially the seafood) as it is the local entertainment that has the joint bumping every evening and into the night. If you’re looking for authentic Anguillian this is a fun place to start. Situated right on one of the most stunning white sand beaches at Cove Bay, just a twenty minute walk from Cap Juluca, Smokey’s offers an extensive menu of phenomenal dishes, including fish and lobster in a variety of styles. Pull up an umbrella on the patio in the day and watch the neon blue water complement your excellent meal. Then when as the sun sets, come back to check out the scene as the live music kicks in.

AXA Seafood House

Anguilla’s first seafood-centric restaurant, the aptly named high-end AXA Seafood House is a veritable oasis for lovers of eats from beneath the waves. The atmosphere is second to none, incredibly vibed up and relaxing, hip and electric, warm and inviting – and the food is outstanding. Try the oysters; the crab cakes (with real blue crab perfumed with white wine and curry); roasted Portuguese octopus (a seafood symphony); lobster mac and cheese; and the epic seafood paella – chock full of the freshest crayfish, scallops, mussels, and shrimp.


If you’re looking for more supreme seafood along with some casual beachfront dining in a tropical garden setting it’s Blanchard’s. The menu is sophisticated and creative, blending Caribbean classics with Asian and Mediterranean influence. No pomp and circumstance, Blanchard’s is known as one of the very finest in the Caribbean with incredibly tantalizing taste sensations and gourmet presentations like an art gallery. Along with an award-winning wine list, the lobster cakes are rich with huge morsels of lobster in each bite and the mahi-mahi on shiitake mushrooms will give you cravings throughout your stay.

Straw Hat

Straw Hat does seafood perfectly. It’s a fun and romantic atmosphere at the Frangipani Resort where even the most discerning palate will bliss out. It’s another must-taste stop on the Foodie’s Tour of Anguilla. Find out why Condé Nast named it one of the 50 hottest new restaurants in the world. Sit waterfront and sample the Grilled Anguillian Lobster, Red Curry Prawns, and Tuna Tartare for dinner and for dessert, try the exquisite Caribbean lime cheesecake, vanilla creme brûlée, chocolate lava cake or the banana bread pudding.

Straw Hat Anguilla Dining

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