Best Massages in Anguilla

Massages in Anguilla

Time to get your relaxation on? We thought so. Heck, you’ve earned it. Especially if you live in one of the areas so affected by the polar vortex with its outrageous cold and snowstorms. It’s times like this that you have to ask yourself: why am I not currently lounging in Anguilla? How soon can I be laying on a white sand beach in the Caribbean? And when I get there, what spa should I visit? Because you KNOW you’re getting a massage. One of the best ways to soothe yourself into a state of total bliss and beauty is by the professional touch and treatment of a masseuse. Just visualizing it is one of the best ways to overcome the frigid February weather. Feel the warm oil on your back and the deep pressure gliding across your skin. Maybe you’re under a gazebo on the beach and you can feel the refreshing breeze. Maybe you’re in a spa room perfectly designed for the ultimate in harmony. You’re feeling lighter already, becoming in tune with the Universe, as it were. Now imagine yourself at four of our favourite spas where you will receive the best massages in Anguilla.

Malakh Day Spa

This gorgeous day spa located right on the beach at Shoal Bay East is wonderful place to get your rejuvenation on. Chill out in private treatment rooms designed with feng shui in mind to really soothe your spirit and set your mood off right. The main gal in charge of the spa is world-class and many of her return clients are Royals, so you know that’s high quality. Grab an outdoor massage under a gazebo on the beach while vibing out to the rhythm of the sea. Malakh does aromatherapy, reflexology, purifying stone massages and various body treatments. You’re sure to get set afloat here on vibrant waves of goodness. 

Cap Juluca Spa

The phenomenal resort of Cap Juluca offers some of the best massages in Anguilla. While not a full spa in the physical sense of being a building you enter, it is more of an entry into a state of mind-body-spirit harmony. You see they intuitive masseuses at Cap Juluca offer treatments in the privacy of your own villa, bringing the vibe to you. That being said, they do have two treatment rooms in the Main House and a gazebo on the sand dune to receive your massage. They offer Balinese and Thai massages along with body and skin treatments specifically chosen to be the best of the best. People come to Cap Juluca for an exclusive experience in luxury, and the spa services are an extension of this distinguished allure.

Venus Spa at CuisinArt

Now the Venus Spa at CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa is a proper physical space just glowing with good vibes. The three-storey, 19,000 square foot Mediterranean-inspired spa offers a full variety of services that will enhance your vacation. The Spa is vibrant with the elements of the Universe working together in balance and that’s just what you feel when you step inside its energy. It’s a gateway to a world of tranquility. Escape with custom treatments like the Warmed Seashell Massage, all designed to be healing and restorative. From hydrotherapy seaweed baths to Reiki, Venus Spa is heavenly.

The Spa at Viceroy

Viceroy is one of the coolest resorts on the planet – and its Spa is one of the most beautiful. This two-storey luxury villa spa focuses on holistic health and well-being through brilliantly curated wellness experiences. Here it’s not just about popping in for a good rub. But rather it’s about becoming aware of healthful living practices to encourage greater levels of personal development and optimal states of being. Located oceanfront, The Spa features Caribbean luxury treatments in entirely blissful rooms, along with classes in meditation, cooking, and healthy lifestyle. Stay at the Viceroy and feel yourself transformed into a more expansive version of your higher self.


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