Best Dining Choices: The Straw Hat Restaurant at the Frangipani

Best Dining Choices: The Straw Hat Restaurant at the Frangipani
After spending the day basting in the sun on Anguilla’s pristine beaches or enjoying the splendid views of the surrounding turquoise waters, the island’s refreshing ocean breezes may stimulate quite an appetite. Fortunately, this Caribbean Island boasts some of finest gourmet restaurants located just a stroll away. Worth mentioning is The Straw Hat Restaurant at the Frangipani Resort located on the scenic Meads Bay Beach.

The Frangipani Resort, a facility boasting a distinct Spanish-Mediterranean architectural style, offers the ideal dining setting for the most discerned palates. It is not a casual fact that the Straw Hat Restaurant has been considerably notable above all other Anguilla restaurants. The rave reviews and positive remarks left by guests partaking in this gastronomic delight, have established this restaurant as a place of choice offering good service and an inviting, romantic atmosphere.

What makes The Straw Hat Restaurant so special compared to the other Anguilla restaurants? Its relaxing and fun atmosphere puts diners in the perfect mood for a memorable evening. Guests may decide to dine in the stylish main dining room, the splendid outdoor deck or the open-air “dining room” boasting waterfront tables facing the shores of Meads Bay Beach.

Whether you are stopping by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, expect your table to be laden with exquisite food. Wake up to the wafting aromas of pancakes, bagels and French toast toppled with fresh fruits. Stop by for lunch and enjoy choice of delicious main courses, burgers, sandwiches and pasta dishes. Dinner boasts Grilled Anguillan Lobster, Red Curry Prawns, and Tuna Tartare; just a few of the many dinner delights bringing the Anguillan local cuisine to new gastronomic heights. Make sure you leave space for dessert; Caribbean lime cheesecake, vanilla creme brulee, chocolate lava cake and banana bread pudding are some exquisite delights to choose from.

Panoramic views, tantalizing dishes and a nice wine list are just a few of the many amenities that make this restaurant a top spot for both locals and travelers. It comes as no surprise why Condé Nast Traveler, a premier travel magazine, has proclaimed the Straw Hat one of the 50 Hot New Restaurants of the World.

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