Anguilla’s Sandy Ground Resort

The Caribbean is the dream vacation of many people. This makes Anguilla the ideal place for you to visit and relax. Only 8 miles north of St. Martin, this tropical gem is equipped with stunning white beaches, Anguilla resorts and so much more. Make your trip to Anguilla memorable by staying in a village or inside the Anguilla resorts, right on the beach and beside the warm blue water.

To reach Anguilla, just take a flight to Wallblake Airport and you will have arrived. It’s that easy! You can expect to choose from luxury resorts, breezy villas in the Sandy Ground Village or beachside condominiums for the endurance of your stay. You can purchase a vacation package if you wish. This will eliminate a lot of the stress of planning and figuring out how to make your budget stretch farther than it really will – the costs are already covered! However, you can also just rent out a villa or condo for a few months and vacate as soon as you are ready to head home. But chances are, once you get a taste of Sandy Ground Village, you won’t want to leave!

There is so much to see and do on the island. Engage in swimming, surfing, horseback riding, parasailing, swimming with dolphins, golfing, snorkeling scuba diving and much, much more. The activities are endless. You can choose high-energy attractions or attractions that are more relaxing, but don’t forget to check out the local art galleries tours, engage in a little deep-sea fishing or bike on trails around the island.

An Anguilla restaurant guide can be difficult to come by, but thankfully, the Internet gives you access you access to all of the dining on the island. For example, Altamer is a Caribbean eatery with distinct French flavors, echoing the Creoles’ cooking flare of New Orleans. Mala’s Cottage is an Indian diner with Caribbean flavors added into the mix. The Anguilla restaurant guide online will help you choose which diners you’d like to eat at. Be sure to check out Deon’s Overlook and Ferry Boat Inn.

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