Anguilla Yoga

Anguilla Yoga

Your trip to Anguilla will undoubtedly be a vibrant experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, and a series of moments lived in total bliss and harmony. As such, it’s a lot like yoga: a centering exercise that requires flexibility and balance. And like yoga, your Anguilla vacation will be a physical, mental, and spiritual activity that transforms the body and mind. It becomes the art of being present, fully aware in the eternal moment: which is both how your vacation should ideally be lived and how you’ll learn to live on your vacation. Obviously the best way to really do this right is to actually practice yoga on your vacation. And luckily for you, Anguilla is the perfect spot for yoga. It becomes a vacation within a vacation, real meta-like. You breathe in and breathe out and become your breath. You connect with the planet as expressed through this stunning Caribbean island and, even for just a moment, you feel the oneness that permeates the Universe.

If this sounds like something that resonates with you, we invite you to consider the following resorts, featuring yoga classes as well as the excellent yoga centres on the island. Come experience gratitude and abundance and soak up the good vibes that flow freely here in one of the most blissed out places on Earth.

Viceroy Anguilla

This resort is hands down one of the coolest anywhere. It absolutely radiates style and luxury and offers so many things to do and experience on your vacation. Along with several pools, basketball courts, climbing walls, restaurants, beaches, and water sports, Viceroy Anguilla features one of the best Fitness Centers on the island. Adopting a holistic approach to health and wellness, the signature emphasis here is on breath, beauty and balance. Sounds like the perfect place for a yoga vacation. Not only do they have an awesome gym with cardio, strength, and kinesis equipment, they also offer an excellent yoga and pilates studio. There are several classes per day for all skill levels with amazing yogis who will assist you in finding your balance. And not just classes in yoga and pilates: there’s also classes in meditation, cooking, and healthy lifestyle, including presentations and excursions. And if you’re looking for one-on-one there’s private fitness training available as well.

Anguilla yoga classes at Viceroy include: Vinyasa Flow (breath-synchronized movement, as your poses flow smoothly like a dance); Power Yoga (a challenging and vigorous, fitness-based take on Vinyasa and modelled off the intense Ashtanga style); Gentle Yoga (to take it nice and easy); and 30-minute Guided Meditations (assisting you to reach a deep state of relaxation and release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from progressing on your path to enlightenment).


Cap Juluca 

This ultra luxury masterpiece of a resort will have you feeling connected and blissed out just by being here, with its perfect location on the white sand beaches and the Moorish-style villas like something out of Star Wars, along with its veritable abundance of good food, good times, and good vibes. And the onsite fitness center keeps you vibrant and fully charged. Swim some laps, ride a bicycle, hit the aquatic driving range, and engage in yoga and pilates. Cap Juluca offers excellent classes with personal trainers at the beach or under the arches of the yoga pavilion. Take a sunrise or sunset yoga class to really boost the experience in harmonic resonance.

Moksha House Yoga Retreat Facility

For the perfect sacred space outside of a resort, visit the Moksha House. It’s nestled away from the tourist areas in a gorgeous setting and is a genuine beacon of calm. This 20-person yoga/meditation hall hosts yoga retreats, workshops, private sessions, and shiatsu massage in a serene and tranquil environment.

Moonraker Wellness Retreat

This health and wellness retreat named after a James Bond film (I dunno, maybe) offers some excellent therapies in a stunningly gorgeous venue. Some features include a fully equipped gym to use, along with personal trainer and swimming coach; dreamwork sessions to explore inner metaphors and personal symbols, allowing you to better understand your dreams; reiki masters to work on your chakras; amazing masseuses; tai chi teachers; and of course – yoga gurus.

Om Sweet Om

Om is where the art is. This wonderful yoga and meditation studio in South Hill offers daily classes, available in unlimted monthly, drop-in, and private classes. The head yogi has been working in natural healing for decades, including physical therapy, energy development, acupressure, reiki, yoga – kripalu, sivananda, hatha, and kundalini. She takes a holistic approach to your personal experience, applying her vast amount of wisdom to help you elevate using the methods that are best for you.

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