Anguilla, Hard to get to, Hard to Leave

Anguilla resorts can be hard to get to, but once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave. This beautiful hidden gem of the Caribbean is about eight miles north of St. Martin and provides you with stunning beaches, a great subtropical climate and lots of local color. Although there is no Anguilla airport that receives international flights, there are smaller flights that arrive at the Wallblake Airport on the island.

The Wallblake Anguilla Airport will allow you to fly directly to the tiny island. You will not be able to fly in from, for example, LAX, but smaller, private airports should be able to provide you with the flight booking that you require. There are daily flights to Wallblake on Anguilla from Puerto Rico and St. Martin, both provided by America Eagle. You can also hitch a ride on smaller, privately owned planes. It’s that easy!

There is so much to see and do when you visit Anguilla resorts. Engage in horseback riding, golfing, parasailing, windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and much more. There are many local art galleries on the island that showcase the work of many talented residents. Be sure to take the art gallery tour. There is also an opportunity to tag along on a deep-sea fishing boat. If you get bored of horses and swimming, you can bike through the trails that wind around the island. The resort itself is known to attract many famous faces such as Jennifer Lopez, John Malkovich, Jay-Z and Paris Hilton. You might spot one of your favorite celebrities lounging on the pristine beaches!

Although Anguilla is only seventeen miles long and three miles wide, there are lots of uninhabited and “unsettled” grounds to hike through and explore. The beauty of the island has been well preserved. There are no buildings or modern edifices to encroach on the beauty of the island here. Also, if you wish to visit any of the nearby islands, you can conveniently hop a ferry to St. Martin. Taking a ferry to St. Martin is just as easy as hopping a ferry to the airport.

3 thoughts on “Anguilla, Hard to get to, Hard to Leave

  1. Anguilla is actually pretty easy to get to. You can fly into St. Martin direct or one stop from any 1st or 2nd tier city in the USA or Canada, even from Europe. Then it’s an easy 20 minute ferry ride to Anguilla. With the new ferry port next to the airport it makes it super easy and if you book your ferry trip prior to your arrival the ferry operators will meet you at the airport with a taxi, which is included in the price of your boat ticket.

  2. You are really right that Anguilla is hard to get and to leave! I am sad that I am leaving this place tomorrow and have a flight at Anguilla Airport going to my place. One thing I am sure is that I will come back here! 🙂

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