Anguilla for Families

Anguilla – The Secret Island of the Caribbean
Anguilla is the northern-most member of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. It belongs to Great Britain and English is the language of the island. Somehow, the beautiful aspects of this small island were ignored by tourists for many years. However, in the 1980s the island allowed a number of resorts to be built near its beautiful blue bays and beaches, and a tourist legend was born. Today, the island has resorts that are some of the most expensive in the Caribbean. However, the island also has some wonderful moderately priced apartments, hotels and villas that are very affordable for families, and it is still one of the less frequented islands. These tend to book fast in season so reservations are suggested.

Access to the island is easiest by flying to St. Martin. From there you can catch the ferry or a flight to the island. Driving is on the left hand side of the road. Once on the island, you have a choice of many interesting things to do. The West End of the island is known for its resorts and night clubs. Anguilla’s main sport revolves around sailing and it is easy to hire a boat for fishing, snorkeling or for looking at the coral reefs. From April to the fall, all sorts of turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches. Horses can be hired to ride along the beach. Anguilla’s beaches are clean, covered with fine white sand and perfect for relaxing.

From West End, the rest of the island can be easily reached. In the middle of the island is The Valley, the capital of the island. Here you can see unique churches and buildings on the island. This area is also the location of the one surviving plantation house, the Wallblake House. The Heritage Collection Museum will give you a background and history of the island. Shaol Bay is the most popular beach, but also consider Barnes and Little Bay. Traveling to Island Harbor will bring you to the chief location of fishing on the island. Other options include visiting the gardens at the CuisanArt Resort or the Cap Juluca Resort. If you play tennis or cricket, there are ample courts or fields available. Golf is also popular at both of the two courses on the island. Mini-golf is available for those not ready for the 18-hole course. Shopping is not a main tourist attraction here, but many unique souvenirs are available to bring home.

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