Anguilla Dining on Mead’s Bay

Jacala on Mead's Bay Beach Anguilla DiningJacala

Welcome to the über-cool Jacala, THE place to be on Anguilla for lunch for sure. It’s open air so there’s a breeze that flows through and you can sit on the deck or right down on the beach and watch the yachts in the water. The food is French-Island Fusion: local fares done up with a French twist, which simply means a superb taste. The tartare is a must and so is the lobster sandwich. Both owners of Jacala, Jacques the maître d’ and Alain the chef are very friendly and approachable and are known to personally greet diners. They both used to work at Malliouhana and under their supervision, the hotel won many awards, such as best wine cellar in the Caribbean. So, as you’d imagine, the wine list is amazing at Jacala as well. Come lounge on the bean bags and enjoy the food and drink of this must-visit restaurant on Mead’s Bay Beach.

Anguilla Dining Blanchards TacosBlanchard’s

Come down to Blanchard’s for some casual beach dining in a lush tropical garden setting, where you can dine by candlelight on a creative and sophisticated menu of Caribbean flavours, mixed with Asian and Mediterranean influences, all in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. “No attitude, no jackets required, no pomp and circumstance.” Blanchard’s is recognized as one of the Caribbean’s best restaurants and the food is simple and absolutely delicious, with colorful and varied presentations. The wine list is award-winning. The lobster cakes have large chunks of local lobster in every bite and the mahi-mahi is served on a bed of shiitake mushrooms and fresh corn shucked to order. Next door you’ll find Blanchard’s Beach Shack, offering the amazing food in an even more laid-back picnic table style setup. Enjoy lobster rolls, a spicy Jerk chicken sandwich, and tacos with homemade corn tortillas.

Check out the Blanchards Menu.

Straw Hat Anguilla DiningThe Straw Hat Restaurant at the Frangipani 

For a romantic and fun atmosphere with some outstanding Anguilla dining, check out the Straw Hat at the Frangipani Resort. Designed in distinct Spanish-Mediterranean architectural style, Straw Hat is the perfect place for even the most discerning palate. Excellent service and inviting and relaxing vibes. Choose to be seated in either the stylish open-air dining room or the splendid outdoor deck, all with waterfront tables facing Mead’s Bay Beach. Come see for yourself why Condé Nast Traveler proclaimed Straw Hat as one of the 50 Hot New Restaurants of the World. Try the gastronomic heights of Grilled Anguillan Lobster, Red Curry Prawns, and Tuna Tartare for dinner and for dessert, try the exquisite Caribbean lime cheesecake, vanilla creme brûlée, chocolate lava cake or the banana bread pudding.

Check out the Straw Hat Menu.

FireFly Anguilla DiningFirefly Restaurant and Bar

For a relaxed dinner with excellent food and atmosphere on a poolside patio, try the Firefly Restaurant and Bar at the Anacaona Hotel. Get involved with their delicious buffet, that often includes a full pig roast with all the trimmings. Come on Thursdays to accompany this classic Anguilla feast with the local Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre choir group, telling the history of the island through song and comedy. Tuesday is Chinese Feast Night and Friday is Latin night, with merengue and salsa dancing for you to shake your own rump.

Check out the Firefly Menu.


Anguilla is indeed a foodie’s paradise, especially on stunningly gorgeous Mead’s Bay Beach. Whether you’re after a laid back meal or a gourmet dining experience, Anguilla offers the perfect blend of Island and International cuisine sure to satiate your taste buds. The incredibly fresh and exotic ingredients and the innovative dishes from the world’s best chefs will be so good and fulfilling that you’ll want to return just for the Anguilla dining. Make sure you lay back and relax for a couple hours after eating before you go for a swim. But then again, that shouldn’t be hard, in this blissful and serene Caribbean wonderland. Call our Anguilla experts at 1-800-970-9415 or explore our website to find your perfect Anguilla hotel, right now. 

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4 thoughts on “Anguilla Dining on Mead’s Bay

  1. Re Jacala, Jacques is the maitre d and owner, Alain Laurent is the Chef and owner, they both came from Mallihouana, it is fabulous resturant.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Ellen! I’ve made the appropriate changes so our readers can continue to have all the facts. Make it a great day!

  2. Thanks for the update, the only place you are missing is Ocean Echo, located between Viceroy and Strawhat, open for lunch and dinner, right on the beach, they have been open since November 2012, and have been getting good reviews. Very nice menu – good pricing.

  3. You will have to add Ocean Echo – we were there twice for lunch in November 2013 and it was outstanding, plus they have really nice beach chairs and umbrellas!

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