Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla is one of the smaller Caribbean islands, but it is full of enough variety in beaches to match the styles of the variety of people that choose Anguilla vacations. There are other sites that many visitors will want to see, such as the old prison at Crocus Hill and the Heritage Museum covering 4000 years of Anguilla’s unique history, but the beaches are truly what makes visitors to the island come back for more. With over 30 beaches, many hotels in Anguilla are situated on private beaches, like the powdery sand of Maundays Bay.

If you’re in the mood for relaxation or family-friendly recreation, Island Harbour beach offers many possibilities. Sit back and watch the fishing boats and tourist yachts sailing in and out or charter a glass-bottom boat to get a glimpse beneath the turquoise waters. Those looking for seclusion, but still desire the safety of people nearby, will want to visit the fine, white sands of Cover Bay, where a lone restaurant provides a taste of the local flavor. Snorkeling is one activity that should not be missed, because marine life is abundant off every rocky beach. One of the most popular places is the coral reef off Shoal Bay, though beginners may want to stick with snorkeling in the shallower waters at the north end of Shoal Bay.

With holiday deals on vacations in Anguilla, it may be possible to afford that more expensive villa and take in the pleasure of marble showers, Moorish architecture and private gardens. Of course, a secluded vacation is not for everyone. Some would rather save money with cheaper hotels in Anguilla and explore the dozens of other beaches available. Adventures, fun, and romantic evenings all await your exploration of this tropical paradise. Those looking to meet singles or just party will definitely enjoy Sandy Ground, the most developed beach on the island. With open-air bars and restaurants opening onto the beach, and plenty of small shops, this beach is the premier destination for many Anguilla vacations. Holiday deals in Anguilla will provide more spending money for the unique recreational opportunities.

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