Anguilla Art and Influence

Anguilla Art

Anguilla is a masterpiece of art in itself. The entire island is a painting waiting to happen, a work of genius in its colours and tones and general vibe. From the landscape to the people and everything that radiates from that perfect combination of elements, Anguilla is a destination of unsurpassed beauty unlike anything else on Earth. Passion and creativity abounds at nearly every step, inspiring your own passion and natural ability to create life – the purpose for the universe and the meaning of life. It’s a sensory experience that awakens something within, summons it to the surface like a dolphin leaping out of the turquoise waters. And as such, it’s no surprise that the people of Anguilla have channelled this energy into remarkable works of Anguilla art.

The island articulates itself through its people in the expressive mediums of music, art, poetry, and dance – to name but a few forms. The sense of freedom and joy permeates the tapestry of life here in soul-stirring ways that result in a pulsing artistic community that you’ll want to witness for yourself on your next vacation to this hallowed island in the Caribbean.

Artists of all sorts from all over the world are magnetically attracted to Anguilla in pursuit of the muse that lives and thrives here. The galleries are full of impressive works and the steel drums and calypso vibe of Caribbean music fills the air as the ideal soundtrack to this festival of good times. People dance, people write, people live. It’s a celebration of freedom on Anguilla, which is but one of the many reasons why people in the know come here to experience the abundance for themselves. To collect some of that positive energy that radiates from Anguilla art and subsequently take it home to share with their own community.

Anguilla Art

Devonish Art Gallery

Internationally acclaimed sculptor Courtney Devonish creates sensual wood and ceramics sculptures.  His work is on display at Devonish Art Gallery, located on Albert Hughes Drive near West End Road.  In addition, the Devonish Art Gallery displays other works by local, Caribbean and international artists.

Estate Hope Art Studio

The Estate Hope Art Studio overlooks Crocus Bay and features fine textile art by Carol Richardson. Handmade quilts, wall hangings and handbags each display unique character that is both pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Paintings and other works of art are also available.


Sea Rocks Studio

Digital and conventional images, oil and watercolour originals, reproductions and books. Works created on canvas with oil and acrylic. Digital images and glicee prints available.

World Art & Antiques Gallery

The World Art and Antiques Gallery on Albert Hughes Drive in West End presents ongoing thematic exhibitions that showcase precious antiques, exotic collectibles and furnishings from around the world for the casual to serious collector. Exotic jewelry, accessories and handicrafts make superb souvenirs. The Galleria division is a reliable source of high quality furniture and interior design accessories from around the world.  

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